How to use Twitter bookmarks

How to use Twitter bookmarks on Android and iPhone

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How to use Twitter bookmarks? If you like reading books, you must have seen a string or small piece of paper, which can be used to indicate which page we last read. This is what is called a bookmark in the first place.

Now, the word bookmark or markup is not only used in books, but in many places. Bookmarks in the browser, for example, are used to bookmark and save a web page so that it can be easily searched later.

Well recently, Twitter launched a feature called Bookmark or Markup. For those who don’t know, see the discussion below.

What is Bookmark on Twitter

Mark or Bookmark on Twitter is a feature to save or mark tweets that you find so that they are easy to find and look back on later. This feature is similar in function to bookmarks in browsers in general. The difference is if the browser bookmarks are used to mark web pages, bookmarks on Twitter are used to mark Tweets.

So with this feature, we can have a list of tweets that we “bookmark”, a list of tweets in this bookmark we can add or delete easily.

Posts or Tweets that you need to bookmark are posts that you feel are important. It can be individual tweets, it can also be a long thread.

There are many posts that you can save in this bookmark or bookmark. For example threads about job vacancies or about certain tutorials, threads about horror stories that you follow, stories about life experiences, about health, cooking, and others that appear on your Twitter homepage.

The bottom line is that bookmarked Tweets are Tweets that you feel are important and want to read again later.

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How to Bookmark Tweets on Twitter to Reference Later

  • Find the Tweet you want to bookmark, then select the “share icon” at the bottom of the Tweet.
twitter bookmarks limit
  • Then select “Market”.
how to see old bookmarks in twitter
  • Finished. The tweet will automatically be added to your bookmarks list.

How to view Bookmarked Tweets

To view the tweets that you have bookmarked or bookmarked earlier, you only need to follow the three easy steps below.

  • Press the menu button in your Twitter app.
  • Select the “Market” or “Bookmark” menu
twitter bookmarks missing
  • Finished. You will be taken to the bookmarks page as below.
how to bookmark a tweet on ipad

Well, this is where you will see a list of bookmarks stored on your Twitter. The bookmarks that you previously saved will also be visible there too, for example as shown in the image.

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How to delete bookmarks on Twitter

Deleting a bookmark is also not difficult, you can delete just one tweet, or even delete the entire tweet.

To delete a bookmarked tweet, please follow the steps below.

  • Select the tweet you want to remove from the bookmarks.
  • Tap the “share icon” in the bottom right corner of the tweet.
how to recover deleted twitter bookmarks
  • Select “Remove bookmark”.
how to view someones bookmarks on twitter
  • Finished. The tweet will disappear and be removed from the bookmarks. It can be seen that the process is not much different from the process of bookmarking the tweet.

If you want to quickly delete all the bookmarked tweets at once, you just need to tap the “three-dot icon” in the upper right corner of the Bookmarks page, then select the “Delete all Bookmarks” option.

twitter bookmarks not working 2022

This way, your bookmarks will be cleared of all tweets, and you can start tagging all over again. This can be done when you bookmark too many tweets, making it difficult to find the tweets that you really need at that time.

Okay, now you understand how to use the markup feature on Twitter? So if you find an interesting post that you will read later, it’s better to just put it in your Twitter bookmarks or bookmarks.

If you no longer need it, all you have to do is delete it from your bookmarks. You can delete one of the posts or delete the entire contents of your bookmarks. So easy.

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Have fun with the bookmarks feature on Twitter!

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