How to Use TikTok for Beginners

How to Use TikTok for Beginners – Step by Step Guide

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The TikTok application is becoming a trend, even though it was blocked by the government for a while. Getting a number of improvements, TikTok is now transformed into a social platform that is said to be overthrowing Facebook.

True or not, only time will tell. And if you are among those who are infected with the TikTok disease, here is how to use TikTok for beginners.

How to Use TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Register a TikTok Account

The first step you have to go through to be able to use the TikTok application is to create an account. But, before that, first, download the application from the Play Store on your device.

  • Run the TikTok application on your smartphone.
  • When you first open it, TikTok will show you a selection of video categories that you like. Select several, then tap Next.
how to use tiktok effects
  • Next, a smartphone screen will appear showing you how to explore the video collection on TikTok. Ignore it, just tap the Start Watching button.
how to tiktok dance
  • Then, next, you will be immediately greeted by other users’ uploaded videos. At this point, tap the Me button at the bottom right.
how to make tiktok videos
  • Then the account registration button will appear, tap the Sign Up button.
how to post on tiktok 2021
  • To sign up for TikTok, you have several options, start registering using a mobile number or email, using a Facebook account, or a Google account. In this case, I chose to use a Google account.
how to use tiktok filters
  • Select the Google email you want to use.
tiktok for dummies
  • Set your date of birth and you’re done.
how to use tiktok dance
  • At this stage, your account has been successfully created and you will be directly forwarded to the front page.

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How to Make TikTok Video

After the TikTok account is created, now of course you also want to know how to make videos on TikTok, what are the steps.

  • Run the TikTok application as before, then tap the plus icon in the middle position. Buddy will be sent to the camera window like the screenshot below.
  • The first step to making a video on TikTok that you shouldn’t skip is setting up the audio first. Notice on the top side, there is a button labeled Sounds. Just tap with your finger.
how does tiktok work
  • Then a new window will appear that displays a variety of audio with a choice of genre, effects, and duration. Choose one, then tap the red checkmark next to it. The application will load briefly to add background sound to the camera window.
  • Well, now if you pay attention to the button that was labeled Sounds, now it has changed to the audio title you selected earlier. Then, after that you apply other things, even then you don’t have to, it’s only optional.
  • For example, you can use filters for a different effect than usual. Such additions are optional and depend on individual tastes.
  • In one of the menus in this camera window, you can even find a timer feature which will be very useful if you are recording a video alone. The timer will pause until you are ready to record.
  • There is one feature that I think is very unique and perhaps this is what makes TikTok so popular among young people, namely the duet feature. This feature allows you to create videos with similar audio side-by-side, though not live. But the end result will look like the two of you are facing each other through the camera and then together make a TikTok video.
  • Another option for creating videos on TikTok is to upload or upload them from the gallery. Can you? Oh, I can!
  • When the camera window is open, to the right of the shutter button there is another button that you can tap to open the gallery window. From there, you can upload previously recorded videos, either from editing or other sources.
  • After the video to be uploaded is selected, tap the Next button.
  • Wait a few moments until the video is finished processing.
  • At this stage, you can add effects, audio, doodles, and so on into the video. When done, tap the Next button again.
  • Give a caption that represents the video, also add hashtags, and mention friends if necessary. Also set some privacy options such as comment support, duet, react, and download button availability. Finally, tap the Post button.
  • Done, your video has been uploaded to TikTok.

How to Duet TikTok

  • To do this, select one of the videos milling about in your TikTok app, then tap the Share button and tap the Duet button.
  • Next, you just need to record yourself in the same style and audio as the original video. On the left panel, there are also a number of buttons that can be used to beautify the video, you are free to use which one.

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How to Save Tiktok in Gallery

  • What’s interesting about this TikTok app is that you can download videos shared by users. To do this, you don’t need any special tricks like on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Because TikTok has provided a special button to save TikTok videos to Gallery.
  • Stop at one of the videos you want to save, then tap the Share button and find the Save Video button. Wait a few moments for the application to complete the download.
  • Once done, you can open the gallery and play videos from there offline.
  • It’s very easy. Just tap the Me menu, then pay attention to the Video tab menu you will find a row of videos both recorded directly from the TikTok camera and uploaded.
  • To see what you can do with a video, simply tap on one of the videos that appear there, then tap the three dots on your right bar. So you’ll find a number of advanced options, including privacy settings, saving videos, adding favorites to deleting videos.

How to Connect TikTok to Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter

This feature is also quite interesting, although to be honest, I don’t understand what it’s used for, whether it will be integrated so that it can be posted in bulk or only for account information.

  • To connect these accounts, tap the Me menu then Edit Profile.
  • At the bottom line, there are three social media options that you will encounter, namely Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Start first from Instagram.
  • Next, you will be taken to a browser window where you have to log in to your Instagram account to proceed to the next step.
  • After successfully logging in, tap Authorize if you want to connect TikTok to Instagram.
  • Alternately, now it’s YouTube’s turn. Same, you will be taken to a new browser to then login to the Google account you want to use.
  • But unfortunately, I failed to complete this stage. It looks like Google has stopped integration access to TikTok for unknown reasons.
  • Thus, now jump straight to Twitter.

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  • Log in to your Twitter account and tap Authorize App if you want to grant access to TikTok so the two apps can communicate.

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