How to use Snap Map

How to use Snap Map Explore Feature?

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The Snapchat application is equipped with a location-sharing feature called Snap Map. This feature allows you to send or share your location with this other person. For those of you who don’t know how to use Snap Map, we will give you complete tips.

The Snap Map feature is similar to the WhatsApp Live Location feature, which can be used to send real-time locations to other people or check the location of your friends.

First introduced by Snapchat in 2017, Snap Map is a feature that allows users to share their current location, which appears to friends on a map and is updated when they open Snapchat.

In addition to location, Snap Map on iOS and Android devices also shows our friends’ activities, whether they are walking or driving. The condition is that the friend has a linked Bitmoji account.

And you also need to know, that Snapchat on iOS and Android presents four options for users, including Ghost Mode, My Friends, My Friends Except, and Only These Friends.

To make it easier to share your location here’s a simple way to use the Snap Map feature in the Snapchat app:

How to Use Snapchat Maps

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How to Open Snap Map from Snapchat App

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to activate the camera mode.
  • Then slide your finger down the screen.
  • Snap Map will appear and ask for our location details.
  • Tap ‘Allow’ to grant location access to the Snap Map.

After that, a world map will appear complete with our current location. We can press the GPS icon at the bottom right to enlarge the local area.

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How to Open Snap Map in Browser

To note, Snapchat can not only be accessed via mobile phones. Therefore, for users who do not have the application on a smartphone, Snap Map can be accessed via a browser. How, click here.

After that, the same question, as when opening the application, which is about our whereabouts or location will appear. We can choose between denying or giving the browser permission to track location.

To find Stories in your local area without being tracked, just use the search on the left of the website. If there is a request for location permission from Snap Map, deny the permission.

How to Add Stories to Snap Map

  • If not, we can also go to the gallery to select an existing Snap.
  • Then, tap the arrow in the bottom right to send the Snap.
  • Select the menu ‘Our Story.’
  • Tap the arrow at the bottom right.
  • After that, the Stories and their current location can be seen by Snapchat users worldwide.

How to Find Places Worth Visiting

  • Open Snapchat and click on the location icon at the bottom left of the home screen.
  • Tap the ‘Places’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “Popular” to see personalized recommendations according to your current location. Tap ‘Favourites’ to see places that have been added to your favorites list or ‘Visited’ to see previously visited locations or businesses.

How to Find Friends on Snap Map

When a friend uploads a story on Our Stories, we will be able to see their activity. To view a friend’s Stories on a Snap Map, simply tap the magnifying glass icon at the top left.

After that, select the name of the friend that appears on the list. We can also tap on their map location to start a chat.

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How to Close Snap Map in Apps

Tap the circle icon below the map. Or, press the back button on the phone.
After that, we will be directed to camera mode and can return to using Snapchat as usual.

How to Change Snap Map Location Privacy Settings

We can determine whether we want to show the location to other users or not. To do that:

  • Tap the settings icon at the top right.
  • After that, four options will appear:

– Ghost Mode, allows us to hide our location from others
– My Friends, allows all friends on Snapchat to see our location
– My Friends, Except…, can choose certain friends not to see the location.
– Only These Friends…, where we can choose certain friends to view the location.

  • Choose one of them.

So, those were complete tips on how to use the Snap Map feature in the Snapchat application. The way is easy. Hopefully, these tips are useful and good luck.

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