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How to Use Pinterest Business: Tips and Tricks

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Pinterest is not as popular as Facebook as the social media. But with its around 200 million users, pinterest is considered as one of the effective media for online businesses. People started to learn of how to use pinterest business to support their online businesses.

People use pinterest as the business platform for different reasons. Comparing to Facebook or instagram, people use pinterest especially to find new ideas about new products offered. It means that they like to see the posts from their feed. Most pinners (the user of pinterest) said that they found new brands or new products in this application. And half of those numbers do the online purchase for the stuffs they have seen before on their feed.

Now let’s check the list below on how to use pinterest business:

1. Add “save” button to your website

how to use pinterest for your business

If you want someone else to act, make simple for them to do it. Adding the button to your website will enable people to pin your content only with one click, even if they don’t have pinterest browser installed. And by clicking the button they will get more content from your site.

You can choose to use automatic button or direction button, which only appear when someone directs the mouse to the picture. Or, you can choose to add save button to the certain pictures from your website.

Another option is that you can make save button by using widget pinterest maker.

2. Pin consistently

This is the way how you can use pinterest to promote your business. Be active to pin. Do it at least once a day. The prime time where pinners are commonly active is at night. Use this time to pin your product on your account. The key is the consistency. If you want to post a lot of products, it will be better if you do it one by one per day instead of posts all of them at once in a day.

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3. Focus on the visual

Pinterest is a visual media. So it is strongly suggested that you create good pictures of your products when using pinterest to promote the business.

Make your photos clear and bright. Arrange them in a good way. Edit the pictures so that you get the best quality of the pictures. If you do not have time, tools, or skill to do so, don’t just post your pictures the way it is. You can visit some websites which provided good quality of pictures. Select the pictures that relevant to your business and you can use the pictures to do the business in your pinterest account. That’s how business use pinterest.

Try to think of creative ways to promote and display your products on your account. Pinterest found that pictures of life style commonly get more clicks than pictures of products. Knowing this you’d better find a way how to insert your products into the picture of lifestyle that posted on the pineterst so the pinners will give you more clicks. That’s one of ways of how to use pinterest for your business.

Add interesting caption on the pictures you post. That will help the pinners to understand better about your products; but not too much.

4. Do not neglect the words

how you can use pinterest to promote your business

Pinterest is a visual media. However, don’t underestimate the power of words. Use the description space to tell the viewers about the products you are posting. When they click it, make sure that they get information they want about your products. But, once again, don’t be too much. Remember that pinterest is a visual media. The ultimate strength is on the pictures. And the words should be the supporting part of the business promotion, not to reduce it.

If you make some pins with different pictures for the same content, make sure you make a nice description for each pictures. Then, make sure that the linked content is as you expected. Content which has good quality will make the pinners excited to follow and interact with your product in pinterest. So make sure that all the links you make is correct and update. That’s how to use pinterest business to help you promote the products.

5. Please do the interaction

Pinterest is obviously a social media, not an advertisement board. If you want the pinners get involved with you, you have to engage yourself first. Follow other account which relevant to your business, but not a competitor. Be active to like and involve with pins relevant with your products.

6. Use analytics to enhance the result

how business use pinterest

Pinterest analytics gives information about content which has good performance on the net. You will see which pin is popular than direct it to your website so you can focus t onto your business.

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You will also see what board that includes your pin. It may give an inspiration of how people think about your business and your products and trigger you to find new idea of how to use pinterest business to help you promote your products.

7. Try promoted pins by pinterest

Promotion pin is a good way to make your pins seen by audiences. It creates a new board for your brand. It is one of ways of how to use pinterest business.

8. Get your pins easily accessed

You need to keep yourself connected to audience and make your content easily to be accessed. Here are some ways to make it possible:

  • Add context through your description
  • Use strong typography.
  • Make sure the character on the text is big enough so that it is easily read
  • Put in the contrast color

9. Try to use the video

One of way of how to use pinterest business is try o use video to promote your brand. As you know that pinterest is a visual media, video is probably good option to promote your business. Make a good short talk or story about your products, use nice persuasive language, and don’t forget make sure that your video has a good quality of picture to help you to promote the business using the pinterest.

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