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How to use PicsArt to Make Your Awesome Photo – Complete Guide

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PicsArt is an application for editing and creating photo creations that are quite popular with young people today. With the PicsArt app, you can make photo creations and even make a nice photo editor that is used by most people.

Using the PicsArt app is not that difficult. By using this PicsArt app, you can make photo creations in the form of transparent photos, overlays, and you can even create unique photo creations. The following Weblogue will provide a PicsArt tutorial and how to use PicsArt:

How to Make Awesome Photo With PicsArt

How to Use Overlays

Currently, a lot of contemporary photos are created by using the PicsArt application, one of the most popular PicsArt creations and current photos is using overlays. Overlays is a way to edit or create photos that appear as shadows.

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To edit your photos into overlays is very easy, here are the steps:

  • First, of course, you have to install and download the PicsArt application first or click here to download it. Here Weblogue will use the PicsArt Pro application. But you don’t need to worry because editing overlays can also be done with the PicsArt Free application.
  • After you finish downloading and installing the application, the next step is to open the PicsArt that you have and select the “edit” menu.
PicsArt tutorial pdf
  • After that, select the photo that you will edit as overlays.
PicsArt tutorial for beginners
  • After selecting the photo or image that you want to edit, the next step is to click “edit” in the upper right corner.
how to use PicsArt text
  • Then, at the bottom, you will see several features such as tools, effects, add photos, square fit, borders, and many more. To edit using overlays, click the “add photo” feature with the “image +” symbol
how to use PicsArt for editing
  • After you click “add photo” here you select the photo again which is almost similar to the photo you selected earlier. Why should it be similar to the previous picture? Because here it will make photo edits like a shadow in the first photo.
how to use PicsArt like a pro

After you choose then you can click “Add” in the upper right corner.

  • Now you have two pictures that are alike but not the same. On the back is the first image you input, and the small image in the center is the second image you input.
how to use PicsArt background
  • To make a second image like a shadow, adjust the size of the second image, and match the width and length to the first image by dragging the edges of the second photo.
how to use PicsArt stickers
  • Once you feel you fit and fit the size, the next step is to change “normal” to “overlay.” You can change it by clicking “normal” and then selecting “overlay.”
PicsArt tutorial background
  • Here you have seen the difference between the first image and the second image, right? The second image will be like the shadow of the first image. If you feel that it doesn’t fit right, you can shift the second image to your liking.
  • The next step is if you feel it is right with the edits, you can save the edits by clicking the “checkmark” in the lower right corner.
  • Before you save it, the image that you have edited has a difference in color and it is too obvious that your edit is two images joined by a line.

To work around this, you can crop the image that only you want to take. The trick is to click the “tool” feature then select “crop.” Cut the image to your liking. It is recommended to cut the part where there are no lines of difference between image one and image two. After that click “checklist.”

  • If you have enough to edit it, you can save the edited image by clicking the “down arrow” at the top.

Then you can rename your edits and besides that, you can also choose the format you want JPEG / PNG. After that, click “ok” and you are done making photo edits by using the PicsArt – Overlays application. This is an example of an edited image using the PicsArt – Overlay application.

How to Make Transparent Photos

The next way to use the PicsArt application is to make transparent photos. The way to edit this one is to combine two images by making the first image background for the second image.

Well, what you have to pay attention to is the second image. We will provide a tutorial to edit the second image to be transparent and make the first image background for the second image. Here are the steps:

  • First, you enter the PicsArt Pro application. Then select the “edit.”
  • After that, choose the first image that you will make as the background for the second image. After you finish selecting the first image that will be used as a background, then click “edit” in the upper right corner.
  • After that, enter a second image. It is recommended to take a second picture with a white background. After you finish selecting the second image with a white background, then click “add.”
  • You have input the second image and then you can adjust the size for the second image. You can also adjust the position to place the second image.
  • Once you’re done setting up, change “normal” to “multiply.” How to change it is to click on the bottom right corner that says “normal” then you will be presented with several options, then select “multiply.”

After you select “multiply”, the white background in the second image will automatically disappear and only the image is left.

  • After you feel that you have finished editing according to your wishes, you can click the “checklist” in the lower right corner.
  • However, if you don’t really match the default effect or original effect of the image, you can edit it by clicking “effect.” Then choose the effect that you think is most suitable for your edits.

Once you feel that it matches the effect you have chosen, don’t forget to click the “checklist” in the upper right corner.

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  • Once you feel enough to make adjustments to the effect, you can save your edited image by clicking the “down arrow” and you can rename your edited image, then press “OK.”

So, having reached this stage means that you have successfully edited a photo to be transparent, the following are examples of results from transparent photo edits. How to use the PicsArt application is easy, right?

How to Make Dotted Line Photos

Some contemporary photos usually show a dotted line that surrounds a photo. To add a dashed line around a picture, you can edit it using the PicsArt application. This time, Weblogue will provide the easiest way to edit it, here are the steps:

  • Enter the PicsArt application, then select the “edit” menu.
  • After you select “edit” the next step is to select an image. Select the image to which you want to add the dotted line. After you select the image, then click “edit”
  • Then you can shift the features at the bottom to the right until you find the “draw” feature after you find it, then select the “draw” feature.
  • To make a dotted line around the image, first, choose the color you want from the bottom left corner. Change to black, your favorite color.

After you choose your favorite color, then click the “checklist” which is to the right of “color.”

  • After that, you select it and click on the “brush” symbol to the right of the “color” symbol.
  • Set the thickness and size of the line you want by shifting left and right. Once you’ve set it up, click “set.”
  • After that, run your finger as if you were drawing. Brush around the image, and draw a line around the image you selected.
  • After you surround the image with lines, the next step is to erase the lines to make them look like dotted lines. It’s easy, click the “eraser symbol” to the right of the “brush” symbol and then erase it into a dotted line.
  • So, now you have finished applying the dotted line effect to your image and click the “checklist” symbol in the upper right corner, then click “ok.”
  • Next is to save the image you edited with a dotted line. The method is the same as before, click the “downward sign” symbol, and save your edits. And this is the result of editing the dotted line with the PicsArt app.

So, those are some ways to use the PicsArt application on your Android. You can use this app to create a contemporary photo by relying on Picsart creations. Now you can upload your photo after you edit it using PicsArt.

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It’s easy to use the PicsArt, right?