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How To Use LinkTree for Instagram Fast and Easy

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If you are an Instagram user who wants to increase personal branding, you should include a portfolio link in your Bio. This is one of the most powerful ways to show the work that has been made to the general public through social media. But unfortunately, you are only allowed to include one link only. How about showing more than one link?

Take it easy, there is a really practical and free, namely using a link unifying platform called LinkTree. Like a tree, this LinkTree can create branches from a link.

So when a user clicks on a link, he will see a set of other links that you have entered. How To Use LinkTree? The method is very easy, just follow the steps that we make below!

Linktree advantages

Previously, you need to know what benefits you will experience using LinkTree, as can be seen below.

Can Be Used Anywhere

The links that you have created can be displayed anywhere. In the Instagram bio, put in the body of the e-mail, shared on the Timeline on LINE, and so on. Anyone who accesses this link will see the same content, and this is the most efficient way to showcase various portfolios, websites, and various other achievements.

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Unlimited Number of Links

Maybe you want to show all your profile links in one link, such as YouTube channel, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, LinkedIn, and also the website. Without realizing it, the number of links that you want to enter is 100. Can Linktree accommodate all of them?

Of course, I can! You can freely include how many links you want without having to upgrade your package type to Premium. The reason is, the free package does include an infinite number of links.

Easy to Make

Yes, anyone who doesn’t really understand the internet can do it even easier. Linktree has a drag and drop interface so you can adjust or move the position of the links in a very practical way. Maybe you want to highlight a particular link, just move the link to the top using only the mouse cursor.

Can Analyze Links

This is another advantage that is very useful for evaluation materials. Linktree provides a feature that allows you to find out how often a link is clicked.

This way, you can find out whether many people are interested in your achievements or portfolio so that you can determine a further course of action to further sharpen your personal branding strategy.

For example, if only a few people click on a particular link, then you have to think of ways to further increase public engagement on your account. Or, if there are lots of clicks but low conversions, that means you can focus on improving the quality of your portfolio, and so on.

Customization Features

It turns out that not only does it offer link collection, but you can also change the appearance of the interface such as the background, and add a profile photo. This is very useful for making your Linktree profile look more unique and look more appealing.

How To Use LinkTree

As has been said earlier, to make Linktree no special skills are needed, aka everyone can do it easily and quickly. But if you still need step-by-step instructions to make the process easier, we present a tutorial like the following.

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Create an Account at Linktree

How do you make Linktree

First of all, of course, all you have to do is create an account using e-mail first. To create an account, visit the page and click the Get Started for Free button.

You will be redirected to the registration page which will display several forms to fill out. Enter your e-mail, preferred username, password, and repeat password. Oh yeah, make sure the usernames are easy to type. The problem is this username also applies as a part of your link later. (

Enter Name and Select Category

How do you make a Linktree on Instagram

Next, you need to enter a name and choose various categories that are appropriate for your link. For example, if you want to collect portfolio links, you can name the parent link as “Portfolio Collection (Your Name)”. And in the category section, you can select Personal. You are also allowed to select more than one category.

Then put a checkmark in the reCAPTCHA section and wait a moment until the checkmark appears. If everything has been done, just click Save details to continue to the next page, namely package selection. There are two packages to choose from, namely Free and Pro.

Yes, as the name implies, select Free if you want a free one. The Pro package offers a variety of other functionalities such as link scheduling, priority link tagging, and so on. Click Continue with Free to continue.

Enter the link you want to display

How do you make a Linktree on TikTok

Now you are in the section to enter the link you want. But before that, don’t forget to check your email and verify it so that the link can be published.

What you have to do now is very simple. Every time you want to add a new link, just click Add New Link. Then, enter the link name and URL in the two fields provided.

For each change that occurs, you can immediately see the link on the right. Practical, right? Repeat the same steps for all the links you want to display.

Change Design Appearance

Is Linktree free to use

After you finish entering all the links, you can also change the appearance of your Linktree interface, you know! Click the Appearance section on the top left.

You can add an Avatar photo, a kind of profile picture on Instagram. Click Pick an image and select the JPG file in the memory of the device you are using.

After changing your profile photo, you can also change the theme to the one you want. Note that the options for the free plan are somewhat limited. Don’t choose a theme marked Pro if you don’t want to spend a dime.

Copy Link and Save in Profile Description

Well, now everything is ready to be shared. You just need to copy the link located in the upper right corner by clicking the Share button then selecting the Copy My Link Tree URL menu.

Now, just switch to Instagram, LinkedIn, or whichever platform you want to put the link on. For example, you can go to Instagram profile bio editing and paste the Linktree URL there. Easy, right?


That was how to use Linktree. Apart from featuring a clean and simple interface, Linktree excels at offering useful link analysis.

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Now you no longer need to get stuck with a social media profile that only allows one link, and all the links you want to display now look more neat and organized. It’s guaranteed that your audience will love it. What are you waiting for? Come on, use Linktree right now!


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