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11 Tips of How to Use Instagram for Business

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Instagram is one of the Social Medias that has big and important effect in online business. Until today, Instagram has been used by 700 million users. Around 600 million pictures are shared through this media.

Instagram is the most popular media to share photos and videos. That is one of the reasons why Instagram is chosen by the users to do their online business to promote the business.

You may also have the same question like any other people of how to use instagram for business. In this article you will find the methods of how to use instagram for your business.

How to use Instagram for Business

1. How to effectively use instagram for business

how to use hashtags on instagram for business

In May 2016, instagram launched its feature, Instagram for business. With this feature more and more people use instagram for their online business.

Since it is a free feature, you, as the owner of a business may use this feature as effectively as possible as the market place for your products or services.

You simply post the pictures of your products, and choose ho w you want to contact your customers; through phone, messages, or e-mail by using “contact” button and you will get the direction there.

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The feature also allows you to see the Insights and the ability to promote your business.

2. Insights

Insights will help you to see the information about your followers and which post has the widest market range. With the information you will be able to know your followers better. Then you can create more relevant content for your audiences.

3. Promote

how to use instagram for your business

This feature allows you to make your post as ads in your application. The ads automatically will bring you o the customers.
All you have to do is choose one of your posts and add “action” button. You can also choose the audience and allow the instagram to suggest target audience for you. Then your posts will the ads for period of time that you choose.

4. Username and your bio

You better use the same username for your social media profile, so it is easily recognized. In the ways of how to use instagram for business, the username take important role to promote the business.
Besides username, the information that shows up in the profile space is your website that you can use to promote the business you are doing now.

Use your bio space to tell your audience about your business and you also can add hash tags which followers that you may use.

5. How to use hashtags on istagram for business

Hashtags are the way to activate your promotion. It helps people to find the products easily in your instagram. With the hashtags your audience will simply find and follow the hashtags to find out more about your business.

6. Photo Profile on instagram

how to use instagram for business marketing

This space is usually filled with the logo of the business. Like the username, the use of the photo profile will help the audience to recognize your company easily.

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Before you put the logo picture on instagram, consider that the space is in shape of oval. So, make sure you provide clear enough the picture of your logo, it won’t be fractured when you post it on the photo profile space.

7. Follow other instagram accounts

This is one way of how to use instagram for business. Choose instagram business accounts which relevant to your business. Follow the account. You will find more followers there. You can enhance your presence by using the hashtags. You can leaves comments on the photos posted on the account that you follow, and follow the people who are involved in the conversation. It is one f the ways to develop your following instagram fast.

8. Manage your instagram presence

One of the successful key of how to use instagram for business is managing your presence in instagram. You have to be active in instagram. Post photos or videos in your account, at least once a day.

You can also re-post or re-gram photos or videos from other account as long as the account is relevant to your business. However, you have to be carefully managing your presence in instagram. Don’t post too often, like once every hour. That will make your audience bored to see your post over and over again. When they get bored, the probably will un-follow your account. It’s not what you want, right?

9. Setting the objectives of your instagram business

how to effectively use instagram for business

Like the marketing, using instagram for business also needs a strategy. The objectives from the strategy can be integrated into the whole business, such as:

  • Enhance the sales
  • Enhance the traffic into your website
  • Enhance the brand awareness
  • Enhance the satisfaction of the consumers
  • Build the connection with the influencers

10. Instagram content strategy

In how to use instagram for business, applying an effective strategy is important. Your strategy should include these items below:

  • Posting time

You set the routine time to post without disturbing the convenience of your audience by giving too often updates

  • Theme of the content

Choosing the content which has certain theme will help you in this business because the audience will not get bored with your content. In addition, different theme will provide different interest for the audience which definitely has different objectives.

  • Guidelines for your instagram style

Your instagram should have its own style to make it different fro other account. Try to make your brand unique and memorable for your audience. That will be a plus value for your business. Try to make the guidelines for your post. The guidelines must help you to make your account different, consistent, and memorable.

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11. Tips on how to use instagram for business

Remember that instagram is a visual platform. So to be able to use it as a business media effectively you need to make cohesive and memorable account—make this as the identity of your business. Create the consistent visual picture which is memorable for the audience.

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