How to Use and Send Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

How to Use and Send Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

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Facebook introduced the Soundmoji feature to Messenger users earlier this month. As the name suggests, this feature offers audio or sound on the emoji you send. Well, we will provide tips on How to Use and Send Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger feature.

Facebook Messenger is even more interesting now because you can send emojis that make a sound. Of course, this will add to the excitement when you chat with friends.

You won’t have to be surprised later if you get an emoji sent from a friend that can make “weird sounds” or funny, such as farting sounds, laughing sounds, ghost sounds, etc.

Soundmoji is basically an emoji that lets you send short sound clips along with emojis sent in Messenger chats.

Soundmoji is part of the media content in the Messenger app that users can send to their friends on Facebook Messenger, in addition to other pre-existing features, such as stickers, GIF images, and emoji.

But maybe because it’s just launched, Soundmoji still has some limitations. For example, this feature is only available in the mobile version of the Facebook Messenger application, not yet on Facebook for Web or desktop.

In addition, current users are still unable to create their own custom Soundmoji. So, you can only use Soundmoji that is already available in the library.

But don’t worry, because Facebook promises that the collection of voiced emojis will continue to be updated regularly with new sound effects and popular voice cuts.

Facebook says that the Soundmoji collection currently available in the library is quite large, including the sound of applause, crickets, drumrolls, evil laughter, fart sounds, ghost sounds, laughter, violin, surprise, kisses, and other sounds.

In addition, there are also pop song snippets, dialogue snippets from popular tv shows and movies, such as Rebecca Black and TV shows, sound clips for the movie F9 from Universal Pictures, NBC, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Universal Television, and Netflix and Bridgerton from Shondaland.

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How To Use Soundmojis – Facebook Messenger

To use the Soundmoji feature on Facebook Messenger, you can follow the simple steps below.

  • Open Facebook Messenger, make sure you are using the latest version
  • Open one of the chats where you want to send the Soundmoji.
  • Click the button > smile icon at the bottom to select an emoji expression.
how to use sound emoji in messenger
  • Tap the icon > audio in the right corner. Here, you can try listening to Soundmoji over and over again, before deciding which one to send.
  • Once selected, tap > Send icon
how to get sound emoji in messenger
  • Soundmoji will be sent to the recipient.
  • Done, Soundmoji is sent to the recipient with the selected sound clip

You need to know, Soundmoji will only appear in chats as a wavy purple line around the emoji symbol, and the recipient must click on the Soundmoji to hear the sound.

In addition, for those of you who want to use this feature, we recommend updating the application to the latest version. So, check first, friend, your Facebook Messenger application has got the latest update.

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So, those were the tips on How to Use Facebook’s New Soundmojis on Messenger. The method is very easy, and now is the time for you to try it immediately. Good luck.

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