How to Use a VPN

How to Use a VPN on Android, iOS, and Windows

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You must know how to use a VPN on smartphones and PCs. Moreover, when you want to access internet sites and applications safely without worrying about privacy being disturbed.

A virtual Private Network or VPN is an application that is often used to make it easier for you to access sites on the internet. This application can be used via smartphones or desktop devices.

VPN applications have always been associated with negative behavior, such as pornography or other prohibited sites. In fact, this application can be used for more positive activities.

VPN can be used to secure personal information and access more information from various internet sites in the world.

What is a VPN and its Functions

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VPN is an internet network service that is able to change the connection path through an IP server or known as a “VPN server”. That’s what makes users can access the site safely.

The VPN server is responsible for forwarding the connection to the site you want to access. As a result, the connection will be recognized as a connection from the VPN server network, not the network in use at the time.

VPNs have a variety of functions. VPN is able to protect the data exchange that you do from WiFi or public networks. Through a VPN, data can be more secure because it is protected by a VPN server.

VPNs can also increase download speeds. Because, as a user, it is like using a private network and is directly connected to the internet data flow. The internet speed is also getting higher so that the download becomes faster.

Finally, a VPN of course allows you to access sites that are blocked by the government. The three main functions of a VPN are what make this kind of application attractive to internet users.

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How to Set Up and Use a VPN

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For those of you who don’t know how to use a VPN application on a smartphone or PC or laptop, we will explain the steps.

We will provide guidance starting from the download process, activation, to activating the VPN feature itself. Let’s see!

How to Use VPN for Smartphone

This service can be used easily on Android or iOS smartphones. Here are the steps:

  • Download a VPN application such as Turbo VPN on the Google Play Store or App Store. There are also other applications, such as or Nord VPN.
  • Select the carrot-shaped button in the center of the app to enable the VPN feature in the app. Wait a few moments until the activation process is complete.
  • Safe! The VPN application has been activated on your phone. Later there will be information about the location of the server you are using, the IP server number, and the duration of using the VPN application.
  • To stop the VPN, please click the round sign at the bottom right of the app. Press the Disconnect button and the VPN stops operating.

How to Use VPN on PC and Laptop

You can also use a VPN when accessing the internet or playing online games on a PC or laptop. Here’s how to use the VPN application on a PC or laptop.

  • Open a web browser and search for the VPN app on Google Search. Then, select an available application, such as Windscribe.
  • Go to the site and select Windows to download Windscribe on your Windows 8, 10, and 11-based laptop or PC.
  • Click Express Install (Recommended) and Next to download the Windscribe application.
  • After downloading, please click Next and No so you can register for a Windscribe account.
  • Write the account name, password, and email address that is still active. After that click Create Account.
  • Check your email for confirmation and return to the home page to log in by typing the account name and password.
  • Select the country for the server location and click the On button on the right. Then wait for a while until the VPN is finally activated.

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How, easy right? This is information about how to use VPN applications on smartphones, PCs, and laptops. Good luck!

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