How to Update Google Play Store

How to Update Google Play Store Latest Version

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How to Update Google Play Store is actually a very easy job. If you are having trouble, then you will find all the answers in this article.

Updating the Google Playstore is something that must be done so that application performance remains optimal and there are no problems. What’s more, in some versions, play store updates provide a more attractive appearance and fix bugs that cause frequent errors.

Google play store updates usually run automatically, but sometimes this feature may not work. In most cases, this is due to an error in the settings or an error that occurred, which can only be updated manually.

Unfortunately, few people know how to manually update the Play Store. As a result, they are still using the old and outdated version of the Google Play Store.

Even though updating the play store is very easy to do. In fact, it’s so easy, there are 3 choices of ways you can use to update the Google Play Store to the new version on an Android phone.

This method can be used for all brands of Android phones, be it Asus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, and others.

3 Ways to Update Google Play Store

Update of the Apk file

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APKs are files that are used by smartphones with the Android operating system for installing software. If you often install Android applications from sources outside the Play Store, then surely you are already familiar with this, right?

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How to Update Google Play Store Latest Version:

  • Download the google play store file on APKpure
  • Make sure the play store apk file is the latest version.
  • Install the apk on your Android phone.
  • If successful, then the play store is in the new version.
  • Done.

This method can also be used to downgrade the google play store. Just specify the version to be installed, if you want to update to the latest version, then use the latest version of the apk file.

Update from Google Play Store

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You can update the play store version directly through the application. This method is quite easy and the most widely used because it is very safe and only takes a short time.

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How to update Google Play Store:

  • Open the play store application on your Android phone.
  • Then press the menu on the side.
  • Select the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Scroll down then tap Play Store Version.
  • Play store will start updating to the latest version.
  • Just wait for a few minutes.
  • When finished, close and then open the Google Play Store.

Now the play store version is in the latest version. And if you follow the guidelines above again, a message will appear that the Google Playstore version is the latest.

Uninstall Updates

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In this method, you have to uninstall the Google Play Store on an Android phone. But take it easy, basically, you will just refresh the play store. So, there is no need to worry about the Play Store application being lost or deleted.

How to update the old version of the play store to a new version:

  • Go to the Settings menu or Android phone Settings.
  • Then enter the Application or Apps menu.
  • Then a list of applications will appear on your cellphone.
  • Search for the Google Play Store app.
  • Then hit the Uninstall Updates option.
  • Open and close the play store application.
  • Make sure the internet is active and wait a few minutes.
  • Done.

After that, the playstore will automatically update to the latest version. Make sure the internet speed is stable so that the play store update process can run quickly.

Next, check whether the google play store application has been updated successfully or not. To do this, open the play store then enter the Settings menu. Scroll down then look under the Play Store Versions section.

Press on the version of the play store, if the message appears that the Google Playstore version is the latest, it means that you have successfully updated it to the latest version.

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This is How to Update Google Play Store, which you can try to update the Google Play Store for Android phones on any brand. Hopefully, this article is useful and good luck!

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