How To Unfriend All Facebook Friends In At Once

How To Unfriend All Facebook Friends In At Once

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How To Unfriend All Facebook Friends In At Once? Currently, Facebook is the most widely used social media. Although many users, there are a few people who started to really leave Facebook.

Perhaps, they have considered Facebook no use for his life. They can also use other social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.

This will make their account neglected, even to the point of inactivity. It is possible for accounts like this to be on your friend list.

Because these accounts are no longer active or abandoned, you have a good reason to remove them from your friend’s list.

Actually, you can delete these accounts one by one with the unfriend feature provided by Facebook. But what if there are tens or hundreds or even thousands that need to be removed? You must be tired of deleting manually.

That’s why you need a helping tool to delete FB friends in bulk at once. With this tool, you can delete several friends at once, or even “all” friends can be deleted at the same time, depending on your wishes. How to? Please read the explanation!

How do I unfriend or remove a friend on Facebook?

Unfriend Facebook via computer

Based on my experience, deleting FB friends whose accounts are not active via a computer, is much more convenient than using a cellphone. So I recommend this method more! Please follow the steps below!

  1. Open Chrome, then go to the Chrome web store, open the link , to add the Multiple Tools for the Facebook extension. Install the addon in chrome, then restart Chrome.
  2. log in to your Facebook account using Chrome. Click the extension button that has appeared at the top right.
how to delete multiple friends on facebook
  1. You will be directed to the Multiple Tools for Facebook extension settings. Click free tools friends remover.
how to delete friends on facebook quickly
  1. Set all rows so that Multiple Tools for Facebook displays all FB friends that we have.
facebook friends remover batch delete 2021
  1. Check the FB friends you want to delete one by one, or if you want, tag all friends, to delete all of them.
how to unfriend someone on facebook app
  1. If you are sure of your choice, click bye-bye. If a popup appears, you click unfriend. This extension will work right away. Deleted friends will also appear on the right.
why cant i unfriend someone on facebook 2021

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Delete Facebook friends whose accounts are inactive via Mobile

Although the Facebook friend deletion process is more convenient to do via PC, you can still do it via mobile. This method can be used as an alternative if there is no PC near you.

To perform the steps, you need the Yandex browser. So, make sure the application is installed on your cell phone. Yandex can be downloaded here:

  1. Open the Yandex browser, then open the link in the Yandex browser. Install that extension on Yandex.
  2. Once installed, as usual, restart or close the browser, so that the add-on installation is installed correctly. After making sure that the addon is installed, you log into your Facebook account in the browser.
how to unfriend someone on facebook 2021
  1. Tap the lower right three dots, search for extensions.
facebook unfriend notification
  1. Tap the “Multiple Tools for Facebook” extension.
how to delete friends on facebook without them knowing
  1. Tab X to open settings. Choose free tools friends remover.
  1. Find the friend you want to remove from your friend’s list, then check it.
  1. Bye-bye tab at the top. Unfriend tab and Multiple Tools for Facebook will work automatically.

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Tips for selecting Facebook friends to delete

The Chrome extension, Multiple Tools for Facebook, can indeed delete many of your Facebook friends in one click. Even so, you still have to select the Facebook friends you want to delete. If not, you might delete all your FB friends from your friend list.

Here are tips for selecting Facebook friends who want to be deleted!

Find a FB friend whose account is no longer active

To find out whose FB friends are no longer active, please open your friend’s list.

Look for the name of a friend who doesn’t have a profile picture, right-clicking can’t, and if left-clicking, information will appear that the account is no longer active. If you have an account with such characteristics, you can immediately check it on Multiple Tools for Facebook.

Avoid Deleting Many Facebook Friends Directly

You can delete all your FB friends in one click, but in my opinion, avoid deleting too many.

This is to avoid deactivating your own Facebook account because the FB BOT considers there to be unnatural activity on your account. Just set a reasonable limit, such as 10-20 accounts per day.

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That’s How To Unfriend All Facebook Friends In At Once. I hope after doing this, your interactions with friends on Facebook can be more intense. Hopefully!

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