How to Unblock Yourself from WhatsApp

How to Unblock Yourself from WhatsApp if Someone Blocked You

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It is common that a feature has both positive and negative sides. And the features on WhatsApp are certainly designed for user comfort and safety.

Even though there are bad things with a feature, if the technology environment requires it, inevitably the application provider has to fill it.

And a feature that has a positive and negative side to WhatsApp is the blocking feature. This feature can be very useful if used wisely, for example, if you take advantage of the block to someone you don’t know and suddenly annoy, threaten, and have bad intentions.

However, the blocking feature can have a negative impact if used inappropriately, such as blocking a friend without knowing the origin.

How to Unblock Yourself from WhatsApp

How to find out WhatsApp has been blocked

Unable to call the contact

One of the characteristics of your Whatsapp has been blocked is, when you send a message, the message you send has only one tick and is not sent.

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Unable to see friends’ WhatsApp status or activities
Another sign that you should know is activities that usually appear in the status don’t appear. You can’t even see your friend’s profile photo.

How to open WhatsApp blocked friends

When the above characteristics have met, it can be concluded that you have been blocked by your friends. Here are some ways to solve WhatsApp blocked friends.

Call friends through groups

If your friend blocks, make sure that the friend in question is also part of the group you are part of. With this commonality, you can have the opportunity to communicate with him and resolve the block well. This can be done because the blocking feature is only available on personal contacts.

Changing the WhatsApp number

Another modern way for those of you who open a blocked WhatsApp is by changing the number.

Maybe this is a way that is not recommended, if you do not immediately return to the original number, there will be a deletion of one of the accounts.

Here’s how to change your WhatsApp number safely:
  • Open the settings that the WhatsApp application you are using, select the settings section, and account options.
how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp 2020
  • After that, click the change number for the option to replace the number you were using before becoming a new number.
WhatsApp unblock hack
  • Then you will be asked to enter the old and new number. Enter the menu and you will be sent a verification code on a new number. And then enter the code.
how to chat with blocked person on WhatsApp

Go in person

The most useful way of all is to meet face to face with the person blocking you.

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You can ask directly why the blocker has the heart to do this. This can solve existing problems.


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