How To Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon In Zoom

How To Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon In Zoom

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Tired of having too many online meetings? We have a way to make your online meetings more enjoyable. Here we have a tutorial on How To Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon In Zoom.

This way, you’ll look like a character from Disney on the Zoom app. Of course, this will make you look different during the meeting. Although we do not recommend using it during formal meetings.

This is possible thanks to the use of the Snap Camera app on Zoom. The Snap Camera application itself has a variety of filters, and this cartoon filter is one of them.

Are you curious how? Come on, here’s How To Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon In Zoom.

How to be an Cartoon Character on Zoom for Free

3d avatar for zoom

The method is actually very easy. You can simply install the Snap Camera application on your PC or laptop. Unfortunately, how to use this cartoon face filter can’t be done on a smartphone.

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Here’s how to use filters in Zoom with Snap Camera:

  • First of all download and install the Snap Camera application
  • This Snap Camera can be used on Windows 10 and macOS 10.13 and above
  • After Snap Camera is installed, open the Zoom app
  • Then go to the settings section on the top right side
  • Select the Video option on the left then change the default camera input to Snap Camera
  • Once done, open the Snap Camera app
  • Select the “Cartoon Style” filter
  • Finished! Now your appearance during meetings on Zoom will be like a cartoon character

Unfortunately from the experience we found, the display is not very smooth when using this Zoom filter. Maybe it’s a little wobbly because of the use of the cartoon filter.

At least this way you can be different from your other online meeting colleagues. It’s not impossible that they are curious and want to look like you.

If your friends want a cartoon that look like you, just share this article with your friends.

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Well, that’s How To Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon In Zoom. Good luck and good luck!