How to Turn On/Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

How to Turn On/Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

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How to Turn On/Off Vanish Mode on Instagram? Social media such as Instagram and Facebook provide features to send private messages to each other. These messages can only be seen by the sender and recipient of the message. So, you can send messages to each other without being afraid of the contents of the message being known by others.

But even though it’s private and fairly secure, sometimes it’s not enough. There are times when we may feel compelled to delete the messages we send for fear of being read by others. Especially those closest to us who idly borrow our smartphones, then either intentionally or unintentionally, see the contents of the chat on the social media accounts that we have.

Well, currently a number of chat and social media applications already provide message deletion features. This feature will delete messages that we send automatically so that we no longer need to delete messages that we want to hide from others.

One of the social media that provides this feature is Instagram. Last year, social media released several new features, one of which was the “Vanish Mode” feature.

What Is Vanish Mode on Instagram? What You Need to Know

This Vanish Mode feature has a function similar to the Incognito mode in the browser. If activated, then all messages that you and your chat friends send in this mode will be deleted immediately as soon as you or your chat friends close the conversation. So no message history at all.

For unread messages, they will not disappear even if you close vanish mode. The message will be lost if it has been read by the recipient. This is the other way around.

To better understand how it works, just try this “lost mode” with your friends.

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How do I enable vanish mode on Instagram?

how to activate vanish mode on instagram android

If you are interested in using the Vanish Mode feature, then here’s how to activate it.

  1. Tap the “Direct Message” icon at the top right.
  2. Find and tap the account you want to send the message to.
  3. Press and hold on to the area I marked in the image below. Then slide your finger up until the screen turns black and there is a notification like in the picture.

Next, you just have to chat as usual.

How To Turn Off Vanish Mode On Instagram

When you’re done, you can deactivate Vanish Mode again by swiping your finger up as you did in step no 3 above until the chat page turns white again.

Vanish Mode not showing on your Instagram?

If after sliding your finger up, the screen doesn’t turn black and Vanish Mode is off, then that means you need to update your Instagram. Make sure you update to the latest version from PlayStore.

After that, please open your Instagram again, enter the DM menu, swipe up on one of your DM messages, after sliding your finger up, a notification “Get Disappearing Mode” will appear.

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Well, tap on the notification. After that, tap “Update” on the next page.

You will return to the chat page. Now try enabling Vanish Mode. If you can’t, remove Instagram first. After that, try to re-enable Vanish Mode in the way above.

Additional Information About Vanish Mode

how to turn off vanish mode on instagram android

If you tap “Learn More” in the notification that appears after activating Vanish Mode, then you will get information about the feature.

But not all the information appears there. So I’ll just discuss here a little about the Vanish Mode feature.

There are several things that you will get or will experience when using Vanish Mode, namely:

  • Vanish Mode can only be used to chat with one person.
  • The screen will turn black when Vanish Mode is activated. This happens to the message page on your Instagram account and the person you are chatting with. So your chat friends will also know that you are using Vanish Mode when chatting with them.
  • Apart from sending text messages, you can also make phone calls and video calls while using Vanish Mode. All conversation content, including information about phone calls and video calls, will be deleted after you close the chat.
  • If you or your chat friend take a screenshot while you are using Vanish Mode, there will be a notification indicating that you or your chat friend have taken a screenshot.
  • Message content in Vanish Mode cannot be copied, saved, or shared with others.
  • Vanish Mode is currently only available on the Instagram app.

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That’s it for this article on How to Turn On/Off Vanish Mode on Instagram. Hopefully, this article can be useful for those of you who need information about the Vanish Mode feature on Instagram. See you in the next article.

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