How to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram

How to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram Android and iOS

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Are you tired of the white Instagram look? Now you can turn it into Instagram dark mode. How and what are the benefits of changing the Instagram display to dark mode? We will describe it in full.

Instagram doesn’t want to be left behind with other social media platforms that offer dark mode or dark mode features. The IG dark mode feature provides comfort for Instagram users with a dark background that makes the eyes less tired.

The IG dark mode feature itself basically turns off the pixels on our cellphones when activated. In this way, there are several benefits that can be obtained by users, one of which is saving battery power.

How to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram Android and iOS

The Instagram dark mode feature can be used for both types of operating systems, be it Android phones or Apple iOS phones. If you are curious about how to activate the dark mode feature on your cellphone, follow the steps to change IG to the following dark mode.

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Enable Dark Mode on Android phone

how to get dark mode on instagram android

How to change the dark mode feature on an Android phone is quite easy to do. But you need to know that this dark mode feature can only be activated on smartphones with the Android 10 operating system.

  • Make sure if the device you are using is running the Android 10 operating system. It should be noted that not all Android phones get this operating system because it doesn’t support it, or the year of production is long.
  • If your Android phone gets a notification for an Android 10 OS update, then do this first.
  • Next, open the settings menu or settings on your Android phone. Then select the display menu, and continue to select Night Mode and switch its position to ON.
  • If so, immediately open the Instagram application and see if the display has turned dark. If not, then check your IG version whether the latest version has been installed or not.
  • To return to the original display, do the third step, but this time, activate Night Mode in the OFF position.

Enable Dark Mode on iOS

instagram dark mode iphone

For those of you who use iOS devices, you can also change the IG display to dark mode. The way to activate Instagram dark mode on an iOS phone is actually not much different from an Android phone. Here’s how to change IG to dark mode on iOS.

  • The first thing you have to pay attention to if you want to turn Instagram into dark mode is to make sure the smartphone is running the iOS 13 operating system.
  • If so, to activate this dark theme, you need to open the settings menu on the phone. If you have entered, look for the display menu and select dark mode.
  • After doing these steps, open the Instagram application and see if the display has turned dark. If not, continue with step four.
  • Make sure the Instagram application that has been installed on your iOS phone is the latest version. If you haven’t immediately updated your IG application.
  • Just like on Android phones, to turn off the dark mode display, go directly to settings and do the same steps, but this time turn off the dark mode.

The advantages of Instagram dark mode

When IG dark mode is activated, there are several benefits that can be obtained by users. In addition to providing a different background sensation, IG dark mode has three advantages, namely.

1. Make the eyes more comfortable

The first benefit that you can get by activating this dark mode is that it will make your eyes more comfortable browsing in the Instagram application. This is none other than because the phone screen is not too bright.

The cellphone screen that is not too bright will make vision comfortable when using it. Not only that, but this dark cellphone screen also indirectly won’t damage our eyes, especially when using a cellphone for a long time.

When the cellphone screen is too bright, our eyes will become tense. This will reduce the quality of our vision and the eye has to work harder to see. This is one reason why the eyes tire quickly.

2. Reducing glare

In certain situations, the dark mode feature itself is very useful when we are in an environment with low light, so as not to disturb the people around us. When we are in a low light place, the light on the phone screen will be very uncomfortable.

So, when the IG dark mode feature is activated, especially when you are with friends and don’t want to disturb them with the light from the phone, you will also give yourself comfort when you open the Instagram application.

3. Can save battery

For those of you who are very active using the phone in a day, especially if you like to open WhatsApp and the Instagram application every few minutes, then activating the dark mode menu will be very helpful at least to save battery.

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Why is that? Because by activating dark mode, it will automatically deactivate the pixels on the phone, which indirectly saves more battery power usage.

Well, for those of you who have never activated the dark mode feature when opening the Instagram application, hopefully with the information we provided above, it can be useful. Good luck!

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