How to Turn on Automatic Translation in Facebook

How to Turn on Automatic Translation in Facebook

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How to Turn on Automatic Translation in Facebook? For those who don’t know, the translate feature is available by default on Facebook. Yup, you don’t need this setting, you can already translate the foreign language status you find. This translation feature has been around for a long time, so if you find a status that can’t be translated, there are two possibilities.

One, the language is not recognized by Facebook.

Second, you enter the language as an exception in the translate settings.

So this is what we will discuss this time, the process of displaying translate on Facebook, and if there is no translate option, how to enable that option for that language.

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How to Enable Translate Options on Facebook

Steps to translate on Facebook

For those who don’t know, on Facebook, the translate feature is divided into two. Auto translate and manual translation.

For auto-translate, usually, you immediately see the status of the TSB to the language you set on your Facebook. So we don’t even realize that the status is written in a foreign language if not for the fact that the writing is a bit strange and not easy to read.

As for manual translation, there is an option that needs to be tapped. Here’s an example. You need to tap the “View translation” menu, then after that, the translation appears. To restore it, you can tap “View Original”.

facebook translate button gone 2021

Here’s another example in post status. You need to tap the “View translation” menu

translate facebook app

Simple right?

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Enable translate on Facebook for certain excluded languages

For those whose translation options do not appear as below, once again the possibilities have been explained above.

facebook translation not working

For the first possibility, where Facebook does not support the language, there is no solution. But for the second possibility, where the language is set not to translate, then the solution is to remove the language from the exception.

Here I use the regular Facebook application, if you use FB lite, please adjust.

  1. Tap the three lines in the top right corner.
  2. Open the “Settings” menu.
  3. Scroll down, find and select the “Language and Region” menu.
  4. Here select the menu “Language you do not want the translation”.
  5. Next you will be taken to the language selection page to be excluded. As can be seen here there are 4 languages ​​that are excluded from the translate feature. Tap the “x” icon in the selected language.
facebook not translating 2021
  1. After the language is lost, then press “Save”
  2. Done. Now go back to the post that didn’t have a translate option earlier and see the results.

The following results have been translated.

facebook translate to english

That’s How to Turn on Automatic Translation in Facebook. However, this feature is still under development, considering that the translation results are usually stiff and sometimes still difficult to understand.

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So hopefully useful. See you in the next post,

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