How To Turn Off Auto Download Media In WhatsApp

How To Turn Off Auto Download Media In WhatsApp

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Does your phone memory fill up fast? It could be WhatsApp (WA) as the cause. Try turning off auto download media on WhatsApp to keep your mobile memory-free space.

Here, our team has summarized a WhatsApp tutorial on how to turn off auto download media in this chat application.

As is known, media files from WhatsApp chat often make phone storage full because these files consist of multimedia files such as photos and videos.

How to turn off auto download Media on WhatsApp will be one solution for you to prevent your cellphone storage from being full.

Many users complain that the storage on their cellphones becomes full by sending photos or memes that are less interesting from WA chats, be it from personal chats or from WA Groups.

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These media files will later be stored on internal storage, so phones that have makeshift internals will be full if you download all these WA media files.

To overcome this, you need to turn off the auto-download function of media files in chat WhatsApp.

Here’s how to turn off auto download Media on WhatsApp that you need to lighten the load on your internal storage.

How to Stop Automatic Photo and Video Download on WhatsApp

how to turn off media auto download in whatsapp web
  • Open your WhatsApp app
  • Select the vertical 3 points on the right of the WA app to open the Settings menu
  • Select the Data and storage usage menu on the WhatsApp settings menu
  • In the Media auto-download settings select When using mobile data
  • Uncheck next to Photos and Videos, then continue by clicking Ok
  • Also remove the check next to Photos and Videos in the When connected on WiFi, and When roaming sections

Well, after doing the tips above, there will be no photos or videos downloaded automatically again on your smartphone. Meanwhile, to save photos to your device, you only need to click the download icon in the middle of the image when you receive it.

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Those are easy ways to turn off the auto-download media on WhatsApp. Hopefully, the WhatsApp tutorial above is useful for you.

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