How to Turn Off all Facebook Notifications

How to Turn Off all Facebook Notifications on Desktop or Mobile

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Like Facebook is a natural thing. Maybe you are a person who likes to spend hours every day watching Facebook, but at certain times you must have time for other activities. For example, work or other activities that must be “free” from Facebook.

Surely you will be very disturbed, if when you are focused on certain things, suddenly your cell phone is busy getting notifications from Facebook.

Well, here I will discuss How to Turn Off all Facebook Notifications in full.

But before we get into the tutorial, I need to clarify a few things here regarding these “notifications”.

There are 3 types of notifications on Facebook, push notifications (from the app), notifications to emails, and notifications to messages. Depending on your initial settings, you may receive notifications via email or you may only receive push notifications (from the Facebook app itself).

While the contents of the notification, there are 14 types. You can get notifications in the form of comments, friend suggestions, birthday notifications, group notifications, etc. And all of these can be set separately whether you want to turn off all of them, or just one of them. For example, you only need birthday and marketplace notifications, you can turn off the rest.

So here you can set based on the type of notification and the content of the notification. I hope this is understandable.

Ok, just see how.

How do I choose what I get notifications about on Facebook?

It should be noted, the method below can be done in the Facebook application or browser, but here I myself use the regular Facebook application. For Facebook Lite, the menu is almost the same, so you can adjust it according to the existing example.

  1. Open your respective Facebook application, then tap the “three-line option” in the upper right corner to bring up the menu.
  2. After that you will be taken to the menu page as below. Here you find the “settings and privacy” section. Tap that section to bring up the dropdown menu below it.
  3. In the new menu that appears, you select the “settings” or “settings” menu.
  4. After that you will be taken to the “settings” page as below. Here you scroll down until you find the “Notifications” section. In this notification section, there are three menus. Select the “Notification settings” menu.
  5. Up to this point, you have entered the “notification settings” page.

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This is where you can manage everything I mentioned above before. Well here is a bit complicated because there are many choices. So I will share some of the functions/discussions below so that they are easy to understand.

Turn off all notifications temporarily (up to 8 hours)

To temporarily turn off all notifications, tap/slide the area indicated by the arrow below.

turn off facebook notifications android

After that, a small page will appear asking you to specify the length of time for deactivation. You just click the 8 hours. This is the maximum time to temporarily disable it.

Turn off notifications entirely

Still on the notification settings page. The sections in the red-green boxes below are the settings for this. If you really don’t want to receive notifications from Facebook anymore, you can turn it off here.

how to stop facebook notifications on phone

First, we will set the “comments” section, here just tap on the “comments”.

how to turn off facebook notifications on chrome

After that, the “comments” notification settings page will appear as below. Here turn off all the slides.

how to turn off facebook notifications for a specific person

After that select back (back) to enter the previous page.

turn off facebook notifications windows 10

Then repeat the above process for the “tags”, “reminders”, “more activity about you”, “updates from friends”, “friend requests”, “people you may know”, “groups”, “videos”,” events ”, Pages you follow”, “Marketplace”, and other notifications. So turn everything off. Then there will be no more incoming notifications.

Turn off notifications partially

I don’t think this section needs further review. Just like the method in part b, here you only turn off the parts you don’t like and leave the parts you need.

As discussed earlier, there are 3 notification tools, namely email, SMS, and push (from the application). There are also 14 types of the notification content. You can set it as you like.

For example, if you don’t like that there are a lot of notifications coming from Facebook to your email, you can just turn off the email section in the 14 notification settings, while push notifications can still be activated and you will still get notifications (in the form of pushes) from the Facebook application.

Or if from the 14 contents of the notification, you only need notifications related to birthdays and groups, then you can turn off the 3 notifications from the remaining 12.

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Turn off push notification marker from app

If you scroll to the bottom, you will find a menu like this.

how to stop facebook notifications on email

This “automatic” menu functions to set incoming push notification markers, such as when a push notification comes in whether there will be a vibration or not, there is a ringtone or not, etc. So here, just tap the “automatic” menu.

After that, a page like the one below will appear. If you turn off everything, push notifications from the application will still come in, but there will be no notifications/markers such as vibration and sound, this is like silent mode on a cellphone. Got it?

how to turn off facebook notifications sound on android phone


Well, if you listen carefully to the methods above, you will definitely be able to stop annoying notifications from Facebook.

If you want to take a break from Facebook notifications, the simplest and fastest way is the first way, you just need to activate the “temporary turn off notification setting”. Unfortunately, this way notifications only turn off for a maximum of 8 hours.

My advice, if you have free time, you guys review this notification settings section, so you can stop notifications that are not important and allow only the really important (or interesting) ones.

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So much from me, may be useful. Thank you.

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