How to Track Someone Location with Grabify

How to Track Someone Location with Grabify

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How to Track Someone Location with Grabify can be an alternative for those of you who are curious about someone’s whereabouts. Follow the tutorial that our team summarized below.

There are so many reasons why you may harbor curiosity about someone’s whereabouts, that you feel the need to secretly check on them.

You can do this method of tracking location using Grabify without having to download and install additional applications. Grabify allows you to track someone’s location without their IP address being known. Although easy to do, it is advisable to use this method wisely.

This method is not used for negative activities and can violate the rules that apply in Indonesia. Pay close attention to the use of the following tutorial.

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Here’s how to track using Grabify which we have compiled for you.

How to Track Location Using Grabify

how to track location on iphone
  • Choose any URL to share. For example, a link to his favorite football match, a news link, or his favorite YouTube video as an inducement.
  • Enter the URL you want to share with Grabify.
  • Open, then copy and paste the URL into the column ‘Enter a valid URL or tracking code.
  • Click ‘Create URL’.
  • A new page will open in the form of information New URL shortener That is, automatically this is a new link (New URL) that has been installed by the tracker.
  • Share the New URL link to the target’s WhatsApp.
  • Don’t rush to close this Grabify page. If the link has been clicked by the target, Grabify can only track it.
  • Go back to the Grabify page and refresh.
  • Grabify will display tracking results in the form of date, IP address, city, ISP, etc from the target device.
  • Go to the page. Copy and paste the target IP Address and enter it into the IP Location Finder. Geolocation data will appear in the form of latitude and longitude.
  • Use this location data via Google Maps to make it more accurate.
  • Open the Google Maps app. In the search field, copy and paste (copy and paste) latitude and longitude with the format: latitude (space) longitude.
  • The target’s current position will appear.

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That’s How to Track Someone Location with Grabify that you can try. Remember! Use this method wisely. Good luck with the tutorial above.

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