How to Track a Lost iPhone

How to Track a Lost iPhone, Fast and Easy

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We will now review the same method for iPhone users (or iOS-based devices). How to track a lost iPhone is also quite easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Finding a lost iPhone is very important because the price of the iPhone is quite expensive. Especially if the lost cellphone is the latest iPhone with prices over hundreds of dollars. But there is no need to worry because along with technological advances that are happening today, things can be done more easily.

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However, beforehand, make sure you have prepared a laptop or PC that is connected to the internet. Here’s how to track a lost iPhone cellphone.

How to Track a Lost iPhone

how to find a lost iphone that is turned off

How to Track a Lost iPhone with iCloud

  • Open your browser using a computer or laptop
  • Go to the link on a Mac or other PC and laptop.
  • Go to “Find My iPhone”, then select a device to see its location on a map. If the lost iPhone turns out to be around you, ring it to help you find it.
  • Enable lost mode, so you can remotely lock your device by providing a password, displaying a special message to the lost phone, and to keep track of the device’s location.
  • If you add credit or debit card data to Apple Pay, the use of Apple Pay will be suspended.
  • If necessary, to prevent thieves or other irresponsible people from accessing the data on the lost iPhone, you can erase it remotely. If you decide to do so, all of the information on your lost iPhone will be deleted. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find that iPhone anymore because all your data has been lost.

Easy to do, iPhone quickly found

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How to find a lost iPhone is actually not much different from tracking an Android cellphone. Different only on the link to know the position of the device. In order not to lose it, you should have to keep your iPhone so it doesn’t fall or get left somewhere.


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