How to Trace an Unknown Number? WhatsApp or Mobile Number Contact Details

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Have you ever received WhatsApp (WA), phone calls, or SMS from unknown numbers? You must also be wondering if a number has suddenly sent messages on WhatsApp or called you many times.

There are several possibilities, first from sales who offer products such as insurance or banks. Or it could be your friend who changed his phone number.

But badly, this number that is not stored on your phone’s memory has the potential to commit fraud, you know. As anticipation, you can trace your WhatsApp number or phone number to find out the owner.

Tracing a stranger’s phone number is quite easy. One of them, you can use the WhatsApp application or also take advantage of applications and tools which are of course very easy to access.

In addition, there are several other ways, such as using Google Maps or third-party applications. Try it right away, let’s go!

How to Trace an Unknown Number

how to find out an unknown caller number

1. Using Whatsapp

To track WA numbers, you can also use the WhatsApp application itself, provided that the owner of the phone number has a WhatsApp account. Here are the steps:

  • – First, you must save in the contact phone number that is used to contact you via SMS or telephone.
  • After you do this, please click New Chat but don’t send any chat
  • Then track the WA number by looking at the photo or username it uses. It could be that this person you know but has changed a new number.

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This way of tracing the WA number can also be a solution to find out the name of the owner of someone else’s phone number.

2. Using Third-Party Applications

Truecaller-callerID & Block application

  • The first way to trace a phone number is by using the Truecaller-callerID & Block application. Claimed to have billions of database phone numbers that have passed identification so that the information is valid.
  • This application, which has been used by more than 85 million users, can recognize incoming calls from unknown numbers, as well as find out unanswered calls and even block them.
  • To use it, first, you must download and install the Truecaller-callerID & Block application via the App Store or Google Play Store. Then log in by entering your phone number.
  • If the registration process has been completed, then you will enter the main menu.
  • On the main menu, Search and track someone’s identity by number or name.

In addition to application installation, you can also access Truecaller-callerID & Block via the website. To do this, please access and sign in to your account using your number and email.

After successfully signing in, please do a search for cellphone number information via the available search field.

Contactive application

To access Contacive, of course, you must first install the Contacive application via the Google Play Store, then log in using your phone number, email, or Facebook account.

To get information on the owner of a phone number, Contactive will display the identity of the owner of the phone number on the screen when they contact you provided that they are connected to an internet network.

Not only useful for providing phone number information when calling, but the Contactive application can also provide information when you get an SMS from an unknown sender.

3. Using Google Maps Search

How to Trace an Unknown Number you can search via Google Search. If you’re lucky, you can find the target’s phone number with a record of having done an activity on the internet.

For example, the person has accessed or carried out buying and selling activities on online forums and lists the contacts used. If not, you can use Google Maps.

First, please install Google Maps on your phone, then click on the Friend List and select Add Friend. If so, invite the number in the question and make sure that the target accepts the invitation.

In the last step, click on the number you want to track and you can see information about its existence with precision.

Can be Saved or Blocked

There are various ways to find out an unknown WhatsApp number that suddenly chats or even voice calls. And how to trace a phone number via WhatsApp is probably the easiest step to do.

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At least you can find out who owns the unknown number. When you know the number that is sending WhatsApp messages or calling, it is indeed a fun person that can be blocked directly.

However, if the unknown number turns out to be family or friends who changed the new number, you can save it. Hopefully, the method of How to Trace an Unknown Number above can help.


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