How To Trace a Phone Number

How To Trace a Phone Number To Find Out Someone’s Location

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Technology has proven to be of great help in many ways. Starting from online transportation orders, online shopping, including making payments. Not only that, but technology is also very helpful for those of you who have a high curiosity.

Because through the help of the internet, you can trace someone’s phone number easily. You can use this method of tracing a phone number to find out where someone is or to find out who is calling or texting but you don’t know.

For those of you who are curious, here is a way How To Trace a Phone Number to find out someone’s position.

How to Find Someone’s Location Using Their Cell Phone Number

how to find someones location by cell phone number free

1. See Operator Area Code

To find out the location of someone you don’t know, you can see the area code for the phone number used, the following is an explanation:

  • First, look at the cellphone number code that you want to track, for example, 0821
  • Look and note the first 6 digits, for example, 082111
  • Then look for the card provider area code on the internet and match it by region
  • Found if it is a phone number for that area

You can use this method to track the position of other people you don’t know but often call or text. Even though this method is not 100 percent correct, at least you can get an idea of ​​its location.

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If you are still confused about the method above, you can try to trace the next phone number.

2. Using the HLR Lookup Application

The second way How To Trace a Phone Number to find out someone’s location is to use the HLR Lookup application which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. The method is very easy, here are the steps:

  • install HLR Lookup
  • open the application then enter the cellphone number in the field provided, then press the arrow icon
  • after that, the location of the owner of the cellphone number in question will appear

This method is similar to the first one based on the area code from the provider, only the difference is using an application to trace a cellphone number.

3. Using Google Maps

The next way to use the Google Maps service. Of course, this service can be accessed via a browser or an application that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

If so, ask your friend to choose the menu by clicking on the profile photo in the top right corner. Select ‘Share Location’ and select the delivery, either via WhatsApp, message, or email.

In this section, your friends can select the contact you want to share their location with (in this case you), then specify the duration for sharing the location.

Or you can select the option “Until you deactivate this” means that it applies until your friend closes the Google Maps application.

After your friend presses the Share button, you will receive a WhatsApp, message, or email related to location sharing by your friend.

After receiving the email, please open the Google Maps application on your phone and track the location of your friends.

4. Using WhatsApp

To find out the position of your family or friends, the easiest way is to use the Live Location feature in the WhatsApp application. This method is very powerful to find out its position.

But with a note that the person wants to share the location. The steps are as follows (done on the phone of a family or friend):

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Click the paperclip icon then select the location
  • Select ‘share location’
  • If the person has sent their location, you can simply click the location link that was sent. You will see the location later.

If so, please press the Lookup button. If the user is registered in the HLR Lookup database, you can easily find out the user’s location.

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That’s the way to track the position of the person at the top that can be done. So, when your old friend comes to the appointment, or your phone gets lost on the way, you can easily find a solution.

Just trace the phone number. Interested in trying?


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