How to Take Screenshot in OPPO A31

How to Take Screenshot in OPPO A31

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Oppo A31 is a new smartphone series that is in the midrange class. From its affordable price of $ 100 ++ it is very eye-catching. Unmitigated Oppo A31 carries a 6.5 inches wide screen inside.

For some people, screenshots are important to capture every event or even transaction that occurs. The operating system is very influential in the screenshots because each vendor brings special features.

Especially on the Oppo A31 with the ColorOS 6.1 system which provides a new experience for its users.

More or less the way the Oppo A31 is similar to the Vivo Y12 screenshot because of its smart sidebar feature. But Oppo provides many options for users to take screenshots easily.

How to Take Screenshot in OPPO A31

The maximum resolution for the Oppo A31 screenshots is 720 x 1600 pixels, which can be said to be quite standard for today’s smartphones. The screenshot results adjust to the screen resolution of the Oppo A31 so that it is the same as the HP Oppo A3s, A9, A1k and A33.

How to Screenshot Oppo A31 With Physical Keys

how to screen record in oppo a31
  • Select the screen area for the Oppo A31 screenshot.
  • Press simultaneously the power + volume down button for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • The screen will flash and a shutter sound will sound.
  • The screenshot has been successfully done.
  • Directly the results appear in the notification, more details can also be opened in the gallery.

Through the 3 Finger Screenshot Feature

screenshot samsung a31
  • Open Settings.
  • Select Convenience Aid.
  • Enter Gesture & Motion.
  • Activate the 3-Finger Screenshot menu.
  • Select an area.
  • Swipe with 3 fingers downwards.
  • The screen immediately flashes or the shutter sound starts.
  • Screenshot done successfully.
  • The results appear in the notification, can also be opened in the gallery.

Oppo Half Screen Screenshot

This is the latest feature from Oppo which is paired with the ColorOS 6.1 series. More or less the way and steps are almost the same as the 3 finger feature, but we can select a special area such as half the screen.

Activate the 3-Finger Screenshot menu as above.
Hold 3 fingers then slide towards some areas to be screenshot.
Screenshot done successfully.

Via the Smart Sidebar

how to take screenshot in samsung a31
  • Enter Settings.
  • Entrance Convenience Aid.
  • Turn on Smart Sidebar.
  • Define the area.
  • Tap the arrow icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Smart Sidebar appears.
  • Tap Screenshot.
  • Screenshot saved in gallery.

Via Notification Shortcut

  • Specify the screenshot area.
  • Swipe down the notification bar.
  • Find and then select Screenshot.
  • Screen capture is performed and the results are saved.

Long Screenshot of Oppo A31

cara screenshot samsung a31
  • Specify the picking area.
  • Take screenshots in the 5 ways above.
  • Open the screenshot in the notification bar.
  • Editing options appear, tap Long Screenshot.
  • Scroll down according to your wishes.
  • Tap Done and a long screenshot will be saved.


It can be said that the fastest way to screenshot Oppo A31 is via a physical button. We can immediately press the key combination then the screenshot will be automatically saved. Using other methods can also be adjusted to the wishes of the user.

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