How to Start a Meeting on Google Meet

How to Start a Meeting on Google Meet

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How to Start a Meeting on Google Meet? Internet search engine Google recently brought a video conferencing platform on Google Meet which is free for all users.

This platform can accommodate up to 100 participants to join a virtual meeting with no time limit. All it takes to use video calling is a working email address.

Google via Twitter has shared a simple tutorial that can help any individual or group to set up a virtual Google Meet meeting.

So, for those of you who want to use a video conferencing tool using Google Meet, here are the steps:

Start or schedule a Google Meet video meeting

How do I schedule a meeting on Google meet?


  • For G Suite users: Sign in to your G Suite account.
  • For non-G Suite users (using Google Meet with a personal account): make sure you have a Google Account.


  • Google Meet video meetings can be scheduled using Google Calendar. Just visit
  • Here select the date and time when you want to schedule the meeting.
  • Now, click on ‘Create’ and add a title for your meeting
  • Add guests by clicking on ‘Add Guest’. Or alternatively, click on ‘Add Google Meet video conferencing.
  • Next, add the email addresses of the users you want to invite.
  • Once the email IDs of all guests have been added, click ‘Save’.
  • Then press ‘Send’ to notify them of the meeting invitation.
  • Click on the saved invitation and ‘Join Google Meet’ to attend the meeting.

Please note that guests can also forward the meeting link to other people. If someone isn’t invited to an event that’s already saved on the calendar.

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Meeting participants from your organization must accept the request of those who want to join. For meetings created by a private google account, only the meeting creator can accept new participants.

How to Create Google meet link in Gmail

Gradually Google is starting to roll out a new feature in Gmail that lets G-Suite users make or join Google Meet video calls right from within Gmail.

Once Gmail users receive the new update they will be able to see a new ‘Meeting’ section just above the Chats section which is placed on the left side of the web version of Gmail. We also hope to see a similar feature for mobile apps soon.

For those of you who have received the update and want to make calls or join from Gmail, you can follow the steps below;


  • G Suite account
  • Working internet connectivity
  • Supported web browser

The steps to Host a Meeting from Gmail are:

  • First, open Gmail on your PC or laptop
  • Next, look for the ‘Meet’ section on the sidebar
  • Under the Meet window, select the ‘Start meeting’ option
  • A new window appears with the unique URL
  • And now you can invite more people to join the meeting by sharing the meeting ID via Gmail

How To Invite Someone To Join A Meeting

  • Once the meeting is held, click the option to add other people and copy the join info. 2. Share via Gmail or other ways, for example, shared Via WhatsApp
  • Note that this feature depends on your admin as well. So make sure your admin supports this new Meet feature in Gmail.

Here are the steps to join a meeting from Gmail

  • It’s simple enough to join a meeting, all you need is the meeting ID shared by the organizer.
  • After that Tap on the ‘Join meeting’ option
  • and don’t forget to enter the meeting code to join.

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That’s How to Start a Meeting on Google Meet, good luck!

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