How to Start A Live Stream on Facebook

How to Start A Live Stream on Facebook Games: PC & Android

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Want to play games and earn money? Live stream games on Facebook might be the best alternative. Then what is the way to live streaming games on Facebook like? calm down, we will explain all of that in detail through this discussion.

To broadcast live on Facebook while playing games, you can use a computer or smartphone device. In addition, there are also several additional applications needed in live streaming game activities on the Facebook page.

For example, for those of you who want to live stream games on Facebook via a smartphone, you need an application called Omlet Arcade. The application can be downloaded via the Google Play Store for free.

Meanwhile, for live streaming via PC or laptop, we recommend downloading the Streamlabs OBS software. Alright, for more details, just take a look at the complete discussion about how to broadcast live games on Facebook below.

[Complete Guide] How to Start A Live Stream on Facebook Games

How to Launch a Live Game Stream on Facebook

Live streaming games on Facebook can earn money. Currently, many Facebook streamers play popular games such as PUBG Mobile, PES 2020, and Call of Dutty. So, for those who are interested in doing live streaming activities on the Facebook page, you must prepare the following things:

  • PC or laptop with a webcam.
  • Streamlabs OBS Software.
  • Smartphone.
  • Games to be played.
  • Internet connection.

If all the equipment above has been met, please refer to the following procedures for live streaming games on Facebook via PC:

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How to Launch a Live Game Stream on Facebook
  • If so, the display will switch to the main Fanspage page.
  • Now open the OBS Streamlabs application and Login to Facebook.
  • Select Fanspage Name and click Next.
  • On the next screen, just click Finish.
  • Then the display will switch to the main menu Streamlabs OBS.
  • Click the menu Sources -> Windows Capture.
  • Then enter a name for the scene. Example: playing PUBG Mobile.
  • If you have clicked Add New Source.
  • Select the PUBG Mobile emulator that is being used then select Done.
  • Drag the corner of the image to adjust.
  • Then click Source -> Video Caputer Device.
  • Name it Advance Webcam -> Add New Source.
  • To start streaming, please click Go Live in the lower right corner.
  • Don’t forget to complete the live stream title, description, and a game being played.
  • Finally, click Confirm & Go Live.

Note: Streamlabs OBS download link ->

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How to stream on Facebook Gaming With Android Phones

Apart from using a PC or laptop, a live stream of games on Facebook can also be done via a smartphone. Some of the things that must be prepared include the following:

  • Android phone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Omlet Arcade Live Stream Game App.
  • Internet connection.
  • Games to be played.

For example, below we will do live streaming of the PES Mobile 2020 game on Facebook via a smartphone:

  • Download the Omlet Arcade application on the Google Play Store.
How to stream on Facebook Gaming With Android Phones
  • Run the application and select Create Account.
  • After that enter the User ID (free).
  • Select the profile picture by sliding the camera icon.
  • If so, tap Create Account.
  • Then select the 3 games you like and tap Continue.
  • On the menu, please tap the + icon -> Go Live to start live streaming.
  • Select the game to be played for live streaming on Facebook. Example: football PES 2020.
  • Then tap Sign in with Facebook and select your Facebook account.
  • If so, enter a description of the live streaming game to be played.
  • Finally, click Start and enjoy playing!

How to Go Live on Facebook Gaming’s Using Two Phones

Then you can also stream live on the Facebook page through two Android phone screens at once. This type of live streaming is useful for maximizing the front camera’s functionality when streaming games. Before we explain the procedure, you must install the Apowermirror application on the two cellphones. If so, please refer to the steps below to continue the live streaming process using 2 cellphones:

  • Run the Apowemirror application on the second cellphone that will be used live streaming.
  • Then turn on the Wi-Fi of the two phones.
  • Tap the Scan menu to connect the two cellphones.
  • After finding another cellphone status, please tap Start.
  • If so, all you have to do is a live stream on your Facebook page or other using a smartphone.

How to Overcome Failure to Live Stream Games on Facebook

If you have experienced problems while live streaming games on Facebook, either via PC or smartphone, you don’t need to worry. These problems are usually caused by the following:

  • Internet connection is not stable.
  • Still using the Android version below Lollipop.
  • Facebook account is in trouble or has been blocked.

As a solution, make sure you prepare a stable internet connection before doing live streaming games on Facebook. Then check the smartphone information, if you are still using the Android Lollipop version, immediately update or replace the device. Currently, there are many HP ANDROID RAM. Finally, make sure your Facebook account is not in trouble. For that, we recommend that you use this account wisely so that it is not blocked by Facebook or hijacked by other users.


That’s the procedure for doing How to get started streaming on Facebook Gaming that successfully presents. For those of you who often do these activities, either via a PC or Android device, make sure you have prepared a stable internet connection. In addition, by broadcasting live on Facebook while playing games, you will have the opportunity to earn additional money. With a record that the number of viewers exceeds 1000 people. How, interested in trying it?