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How to Start a Catering Business From Home 2020 Guide

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Have you ever made your own hot spicy chicken? How delicious is it? Imagine that you can market your own delicious cooking or you are hired for a lunch banquet for a certain ceremony or special program. Some other people might also think the same way until you can have your own dream of how to start a catering business by yourself.

But just because you are a good chef or you can cook any kind of food perfectly, then it automatically means that you have everything to start the business. As a mother who is very good at cooking you may consider of how to start a small catering business at home. That would be a very helpful decision for the financial side for the family life. What a thought, isn’t it?

How to start a home catering business is not an easy matter. But for the big plan, you need to have a careful strategy and perfect plan of how to start a catering business so that your business will survive the market.

Planning the future business definitely needs a deep and careful thought. You may start by doing the little business start from your home to finally pursue your biggest dream and try to realize it.

Below are some tips of how to start a catering business:

1.Observe the market

how to start a home catering business

The very first step to do on how to start a catering business from home is that by observing the market.

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  • Observe your surroundings. Check if there has been anyone doing the business
  • Check out the menu of your competitors. What are the most wanted or popular menu provided by the business owner
  • Check also the list of the services, the price and the customers.
  • Make the data as your references to start your own business
  • Visit websites which offer the catering business, and see their unique of the marketing style

2. Pay attention to some specific factors

At the first place, you will think that a catering business is only about selling food and beverages. No, it is not.

The food, of course, is the main point of the business. But don’t forget that your consumers will look for other things more than just food. Think about why people should buy the food at your place other than other places.

  • Understand that the consumers need more than just food to eat, they need:

 Comfort
 Affordable price for good food
 Unique menus
 Corporate style
 Special services

  • If you do the catering for a private party at the customer’s residence, please do the short survey. Ask these simple questions:

 Why do they use the catering for the party?
 What do they like from the catering provider?
 What do they expect for the next order?

3. Identify the potential market

The next step to consider of how to start a catering business is to identify your possible market. You can do it in several ways.

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  • Try to contact your partners in business community. Find out do they want when they use the catering providers for their events
  • If you do not have personal contacts, you may try to contact the potential consumers. Make sure that you only do the survey, not to sell the new service of catering yet. Choose the right person to be interviewed; otherwise you will go home with no data in hand.
  • Collect those data well, and then learn it carefully at home. From those information then you can determine what it are needed to start a catering business.

4. Create your own concept

how to start a small catering business at home

After those three steps above, now it is time for you to determine your own concept. You can use all the information above to help you to determine your own catering business. You can start from the concept of the food you want to offer. The price list of the package you offer in your business, and the type of services for the business.

Some options for starting a catering business are:

  • A banquet for companies (lunch banquet, banquet for seminar or workshops etc.)
  • The wedding banquet
  • The kids party (for example: a birthday party)
  • The standing party for a certain program
  • Festival, concert, or sports events

You may also determine your menu. Focus your menu into specific ones, such as healthy food, vegan food, and affordable menus for middle class and so on.

5. Consider your neighborhood

Every good business is a business which develops on the basis of the surrounding sources. This point should be considered in how to start a catering business.

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  • Check with your surrounding if the business you want to run fits the situation and the conditions. Check with the local authority’s policy if your catering business is valid and allowed to be done. Some countries or cities will have you take cooking courses before you start your own catering business.
  • The Health Department will investigate your house to decide whether you have an appropriate kitchen for the business. They will check if your kitchen has good storage place for the food and it is furnished with standard equipment to serve the food in the business.
  • The transportation is also checked by the government whether it is appropriate to deliver the food or not.

6. Make your budget list

how to start a small catering business

The last planning program of how to start a catering business is to make the budget list of the business.

  • List the equipment you need for the business. Check what equipment you already have, so don’t have to buy a new ones
  • Make the budget for the marketing part, whether you do it offline or online
  • Consider the budget for the transportation you may need to deliver the food
  • List the things you need to buy the raw materials for the food

This is several tips on how to start catering business. It sounds interesting, isn’t? If you are going to start your business soon, good luck!

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