How to Start a Business Restaurant

9 Steps How to Start a Business Restaurant for You Who Are Confused

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How to Start a Business Restaurant: 9 Tips From a Successful Restaurantrepreneur

Eating and food are one of the main things humans do for a living. These two concepts should not be spared for those of you who have a soul to do business or are trying to do business. Opening a restaurant business is one area of business that you can think have now. Apart from eating like a human need, the restaurant is also a suitable place for dating, hanging out with friends and family or holding meetings with colleagues. If you are interested in this business, this is the step to how to start a business restaurant.

How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Restaurant Business

how to start a restaurant business plan

Determine the concept of your restaurant

The first step you must take when you want to open a restaurant is to make and determine your concept of the restaurant. Why is this concept important? The concept of your restaurant will become the hallmark of your restaurant and eventually become a differentiator with other restaurants. Of course, you want your restaurant to be known to many people, then the concept of the restaurant is one of your secret weapons.

In determining the concept of a restaurant, you must calculate and pay attention to all aspects. Examples are the style of restaurant service, the type of food served, and the layout and atmosphere of your restaurant. Service style relates to whether your restaurant is self-service or not; type of food-related to the style of food served (from which country); restaurant ambiance is related to the interior and exterior design of your restaurant.

Make a list of the menus

The previous step, which is determining the concept, one aspect that is considered is the type of food you want to develop. After you have determined this, you must now make a list of the menus. You are free to determine what types of foods and menus you want to be served. You don’t have to make your recipe if you don’t feel it is good.

However, if you have unique recipes or unique foods that you want to serve, then don’t hesitate to develop them.

You also have to pay attention to the taste of the cuisine; is it following the concept that you brought or not. Also, in this step, you need to find out the price of the menu that you are serving. Make a reasonable price, according to your food ingredients and restaurant target market.

Develop your restaurant business plan

Once your restaurant concept and menu are clear, the next step in the process of how to start a business restaurant is to create and develop your business plan. This is important for the sustainability of your business from the start. This business plan is also related to seeking additional capital or exploring cooperation with investors. This business plan is also needed so that in the restaurant development, your business will continue to run on-the-track, following the initial purpose.

In making a business plan, you must formulate various aspects. There are at least 7 main aspects of your restaurant business plan. The seven aspects are important summaries of your business, description of the restaurant business that you build, the results of market research and analysis, offers and cooperation with business partners or investors, restaurant management programs, public relations strategies, marketing and business development, and financial projections (from capital, expenses, income, profit, and loss).

Don’t forget the capital of your restaurant

Capital is one of the important things in running a business. Without capital, all the ideas and concepts that you have created will be difficult to realize. Calculate all types of resources you need, from the time of construction (building, business tax costs, and licenses) in the beginning to all the needs of the restaurant every day. For restaurant needs per day, count at least 30 days of running needs (1 month of first business). This is important to anticipate the uncertainty of the number of consumers at the beginning of the business. When asked the exact figure of capital needed, some entrepreneurs suggest having a minimum capital of USD 50,000. Capital can be more than that if you carry a more exclusive concept.

Determine the location of your restaurant

The location also influences the smooth running of your restaurant business. The right location, not only for consumers but also for you, will bring benefits to both parties. There are a few tips for determining the right restaurant location. First, ease of access. Your restaurant must be easily accessible to people as potential buyers. Also, your restaurant must be easily seen and recognized by people so that it is easily found. Don’t complicate yourself with losing customers because of difficult access. Second, make sure the location you choose matches your target market. In business planning, your target market has been determined. Choose a location that is often used as the center of your target market gathering.

Next, for how to start a business restaurant, especially location selection, is the cost. These costs are related to land prices or building rental prices, or about the monthly living costs of your restaurant workers (who usually follow the standards on which your restaurant stands). Then you also have to pay attention to aspects of competition. You have to pay attention to whether there are already many restaurants in the neighborhood that have been established. This can be overcome with strong and appropriate marketing if you still want to build a business in a supercompetitive environment.


Next, you have to take care of all the permits in building and developing your business. This permit will depend on the area or location of your restaurant. You are required to complete all aspects of the administration of opening a business and opening tax for businesses before your restaurant runs.

Find a supplier and manage your restaurant’s interior

If all is well, now you have to find a permanent supplier for food and all the equipment needed (from cooking to eating). This is important so that you do not need to be confused looking for all materials and equipment independently and will bother you. Then, you can also start to design the interior of your restaurant. In determining the concept, you have made the interior theme. Realize the concept well. In setting tables and chairs, don’t forget to include a table for 4 people and a table for 2 people.

Recruitment process

You cannot run your own business, especially if the type is a restaurant. Perform a recruitment process to help your restaurant operations run well. Chefs, servers, bartenders, dishwashers, supervisors, etc. are some of the positions you can recruit. Human resource needs will depend on the type of restaurant.

Share information about your business

The final step in how to start a business restaurant is spreading your restaurant business. This is useful to capture potential customers wider. With the internet, marketing and advertising of your restaurant you will be easier with social media (online). Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to show the atmosphere of your restaurant. If you have time, make a website (with affordable web hosting) to display restaurant info, menus, and even visitor testimonials. You can also still use the old method, using a flyer, but this method is considered not very efficient. For the adaptation and smooth process, use a soft opening system at the beginning of the operation.

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