How to Spot Fake Profile Accounts on Dating Sites

How to Spot Fake Profile Accounts on Dating Sites

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Nowadays everything can be found on the internet easily, and quickly. Want to eat sushi? It’s easy, just open the application, and can order home delivery. Want to know the latest news? No need to wait for news broadcasts on scheduled television, now search engines on the internet are more reliable to be the most current means of disseminating information.

Want to have a girlfriend, go on a date, or just meet new people? There are several applications and sites that offer hundreds of human catalogs that can be arranged according to the user’s preferences. Starting from the distance from the location, height, constellations, to the life values that are principals can immediately be filtered neatly and voilà! You can choose whoever you want.

But, of course, never has a heart affair been so smooth. Some profiles on online dating apps or sites may be fake and created to trick other app users. Here’s How to Spot Fake Profile Accounts on Dating Sites:

5 Ways to Spot Fake Online Profiles

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Lack of Personal Photos Shown on Profile

The expression from the eyes down to the heart seems most fitting to describe finding a partner via the internet. Displaying a sufficient number of photos and in high quality is able to invite other viewers to be tempted to find out more about the account owner.

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In addition, it cannot be denied, that most people initially feel attracted to the physical appearance of a person first to want to take a further approach. Then, what about profiles that only have very few photos or even one photo on their profile?

You could say this phenomenon is very strange. In the digital era, almost everyone has social media as a place to upload important events or even daily activities. A lack of photos may indicate that the photo does not belong to the profile creator or that the profile owner is hiding something.

For virtual dating accounts, it is highly recommended to post at least 4-6 photos on their profile – 1 close-up photo, 1 photo while doing something, 1 pictures while traveling, and 1 photo taken accidentally.

Lack of Information Displayed

Of course, after considering a person’s attractiveness through photos, what is no less important to consider is whether the energy and personality of the potential partner match yours. By writing down your bio or supporting information, you can find out many things from your potential partner, such as hobbies, work, whether the person likes animals, to their views on life.

If your potential partner only writes one or two words, then there is a big indication that he is just looking for an interlude. People who are looking for a serious relationship will certainly put in more effort by writing life teasers and not just writing their height on their profile.

Check the Authenticity of Photos

The rapid development of technology also means reduced privacy. Personal data and photos of everyone can now be accessed freely and for free by others. This is exploited by fraudulent syndicates or malicious individuals on the internet. Many fake account creators just randomly take photos of people they think are beautiful and post them online.

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If you feel awkward, make sure your potential partner has verified the account. You can also do independent checks via sites like Google Image or TinEye. Both sites will track whether the photo has appeared on other sites that usually direct users to the original owner’s social media for the photo.

Not Including Other Social Media Accounts

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On some online dating sites and applications, you can display several other social media accounts. This is so that fellow users can further weigh the person’s character. Try to imagine if you find an account like the three criteria above and there are no other social media that validates your partner’s existence in the real world, of course, there will be feelings of anxiety and suspicion.

Messages Impressed Generic and Sent Automatically

The message you received feels stiff? Some easy ways to identify whether a conversation is created by a chatbot is to assess whether the message is personalized or just a template that is sent to many people, messages are repeated, messages contain web links that you don’t ask for, even direct messages asking for financial details.

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Use the points of How to Spot Fake Profile Accounts on Dating Sites above to further analyze the profiles of the people you meet online so that you feel safe. Don’t be fooled and have a nice meeting with new people! Happy swiping!

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