How to Speed up Your Laptop Performance

How to Speed up Your Laptop Performance

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How to Speed up Your Laptop Performance? The performance of a laptop or computer is always an important thing to pay attention to. The reason is that if you have a laptop/PC whose performance is slow, it will make you less comfortable especially if you use it for work.

Laptops are an important part of the world of work and business that can help ease their work. There is nothing different between a laptop and a PC, it’s just that a laptop is a PC or portable computer that you can take anywhere. So it doesn’t always have to be side by side with electricity to use it.

However, the performance of a laptop or computer is an important issue in the world of work. Many people get bored quickly when their laptop doesn’t work as expected. Therefore, if you have a laptop or computer whose performance is slow and slow, the following authors provide steps to boost it back faster. This is a way to minimize costs rather than having to replace it with a new laptop.

How to Increase Your PC/Laptop Speed

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An important question we often hear is how to boost the performance of a laptop that is starting to be slow and sluggish. There are two main things that often make someone confused, namely between replacing RAM or SSD. Before that, let the author review related to these two important points.

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RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary storage area whose contents can be accessed at a fixed time, no matter where the data is in memory or random. This means that you can quickly open a file or application if you have opened it before.

The RAM function will save something that you have opened before. RAM itself is volatile, meaning it requires electricity. different from other storage media such as flash hard drives or SD / DVD which is non-volatile. So RAM works when the laptop or computer is on.

Hard Drive (SSD)

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Hard disk is one of the computer hardware that provides storage space that is used to store or read data on the computer. Well, from here then the important thing related to the performance of the computer or laptop.

Because of its storage and reading properties, a good quality hard drive will help improve the performance of your device. Therefore, the author recommends that you give priority to replacing the hard drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive) rather than adding RAM capacity.

Adding RAM only allows you to be able to open quite a lot of applications at the same time. However, changing the hard drive to an SSD type will help boost the performance of your device to be more agile.

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SSD is a modern type of hard drive that has read and write speeds up to 60x faster than ordinary hard drives, aka HDD. However, the price can also reach 2x the price of a regular hard drive.

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