How to Show Traffic on Google Maps

How to Show Traffic on Google Maps

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Nowadays, almost every need and every activity is assisted by the presence of various applications, one of which is the Google Maps application. This application is ready to help its users to find out the route of the road quickly and easily.

In the past, before Google Maps, people had to read maps to find the right way to get to their desired destination. But, times have changed and are all technological, you don’t have to bother looking at a map because now there is Google Maps which can show road routes online.

However, Google Maps isn’t just for showing you the way. The reason is, on Google Maps there are also various kinds of features that make it easier for road users, one of which is the feature of seeing traffic jams. If you are curious about this feature, this time Weblogue wants to share and review How to Show Traffic on Google Maps. Stay tuned in this article, yes!

How to Check Traffic on Google Maps

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Actually, How to Show Traffic on Google Maps is very easy and simple. However, first, make sure that you have activated the GPS on your cellphone. In addition, you must also be connected to the internet. Why? Because to see traffic jams on Google Maps in real-time, then you need the internet so that Google Maps can always be updated.

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If you are not connected to the internet, it really doesn’t matter, it’s just that later you will have trouble knowing the traffic jam at that time because Google Maps can’t update. Here are easy steps for How Google Recognizes Traffic Jams in Maps:

  • Activate the GPS on your cell phone.
  • Open the Google Maps application on your cell phone.
  • Then, determine the location of your destination by writing the address of the destination in the search here at the top.
  • After that, select the intended address and immediately click on the address listed.
  • Then, you can immediately click the direction to show the route to your destination.
  • Now, at this stage you can see the route of the road with a variety of colors, there are red, yellow, and green. For how to see traffic jams on Google Maps, you only need to pay attention to the red road, which means the road is very jammed.

Street Color Information on Google Maps

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It was explained earlier that traffic jams will be indicated in red on Google Maps. Maybe you are also wondering what other color indications mean, such as yellow and blue on Google Maps. The following is an explanation of the colors listed on Google Maps for roads:

  • Red Color: If you find a red color on the streets of Google Maps, it means that the road is very congested, aka really jammed. So, there is a big chance that you can get stuck in traffic if you pass through these roads.
  • Yellow: The yellow color indicates that the road is crawling. This means that even though it is full of vehicles and seems jammed, the yellow road can still be traversed by vehicles and is not too congested.
  • Blue: As opposed to red, if you see a blue color on a Google Maps road it means that the road is very smooth and quiet. So, you don’t have to worry about facing traffic jams.

An important note for those of you who rely on Google Maps, the street color indication can change suddenly because Google Maps is accurate enough to determine whether the road is jammed or not. So, make sure you are always connected to the internet. Who knows, the road route you are taking suddenly becomes jammed.

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Google Maps features

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Google Maps wasn’t just created to see traffic jams. The reason is, Google Maps also provides a variety of features that users will definitely need. Want to know other features on Google Maps besides showing street routes? The following features are commonly used by Google Maps users:

View Traffic

It has become its main feature, indeed Google Maps has a feature where each user can monitor traffic conditions in real-time. This means that Google Maps is able to show traffic or deserted road conditions.

If it’s stuck, Google Maps will usually recommend a lighter route with a shorter travel time. This applies to all vehicles, both motorized vehicles, and bicycles. Even the street routes for pedestrians are on Google Maps.

Public Transport Line

Google Maps understands very well that not everyone uses private vehicles, some of which also use public transportation.

Routes for Cyclists

As already explained, those of you who often rely on bicycles as a means of transportation can also benefit from Google Maps. Why? Because Google Maps is ready to show every route that can be traversed by a bicycle. Usually, the route for this bicycle will show a safe path for cyclists.

Public Facility Information

Here is a feature that is also very helpful for you, the feature of finding public facilities. Google Maps always understands the needs of its consumers, including in terms of finding the nearest public facilities.

How to search for public facilities, you can enter the Google Maps application. Then, you can just click on the Explore menu at the bottom. Usually, Google Maps immediately recommends the facility you want to look for, such as a restaurant, bar, or recreation area.

However, if you want to find other public places, then you can click the More section. On the More menu, Google Maps will display the public places you need and are divided into several categories such as Food & Drinks, Things to do, Shopping, and Services.

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Well, that’s How to Show Traffic on Google Maps and all the features on Google Maps. It’s very easy to use Google Maps, right?