How to Show an LGBTQ+ Owned Business on Google Maps

How to Show an LGBTQ+ Owned Business on Google Maps

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How to Show an LGBTQ+ Owned Business on Google Maps? Google Maps introduces a new label for identifying businesses as LGBTQ+. The label also includes the ability to report harassment.

Google added the labels to add to the existing set of labels on Google Maps. The goal is to help find and support local businesses.

Google is bringing a new feature to businesses in the United States with verified profiles. Previously, there were business labels owned by blacks, owned by Latinos, and so on.

Labels must be added by the business owner, not a member of the community. The label will appear on Google Maps and search results will show LGBTQ+ owned businesses.

According to Gizmodo, Google does not yet have a system for verifying identification labels. Google has tools and resources for those looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly business.

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That way, it’s possible for business owners to add certain labels to Google Maps and appear in Search.

“We offer more objective attributes that businesses can add to their personal profiles,” said Mackenzie Thomas, Google’s product inclusion and marketing leader.

To add a label, the business owner goes to Profile. Then, click Edit Profile and select Business Information. From the More tab, there is a list of identifiable categories.

Google also has a system in place that will help business owners report abuse or harassment from customers as a result of that labeling.

“You can report negative or abusive reviews that come as a consequence of identifying the business as belonging to someone with a specific identity,” the company wrote.

According to Mackenzie, Google will investigate each report. Google will try to take action according to policy without violating regulations.

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However, there has been no further explanation from Google whether the LGBTQ+-owned business label will be present in other countries.

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