How to Shop on Instagram Via Direct Message

How to Shop on Instagram Via Direct Message

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How to Shop on Instagram Via Direct Message? Instagram users are getting easier to shop for their favorite products because now they can make shopping transactions in the application through the Direct Message (DM) feature.

Apart from being a platform for sharing photos and videos, Instagram has long been used as a medium for selling. Moreover, Instagram already has an Instagram Shop that allows sellers to easily showcase their wares to users.

However, Instagram recently launched a new capability in its Direct Message (DM) feature, which makes it even easier for shoppers to select and purchase items as needed.

how to add shop on instagram

Through DMs, they can ask questions, receive information about product details, and make payments using Meta Pay without having to leave the conversation.

So users do not need to visit websites or other e-commerce applications, as users have been doing. This feature is already available in several countries, but Meta does not provide clearer information, regarding the countries in question.

The existence of this feature makes Instagram like an online shopping application because it provides complete access to users to shop or for businesses to develop their business.

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However, chat-based shopping is not a surprising move. Prior to this feature, WhatsApp users in many countries were able to shop in a similar way.

Instagram Releases Paid Subscription Feature

Instagram is releasing a feature that creators can use to earn money. The feature in question is a paid subscription that offers users exclusive content.

Through this feature, Instagram wants creators to earn additional income, especially from fans who subscribe to their content. The way these feature works is, that creator will release various exclusive content to users who have subscribed.

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Meanwhile, users who subscribe, can access a variety of exclusive content including posts both photos and videos, Instagram Reels, and exclusive chats from their favorite creators.

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