How To Share a Private YouTube Video

How To Share a Private YouTube Video

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We are indeed free to upload and share videos on YouTube. But, there are times when we just want to share private videos on YouTube with a few people we know. So, How To Share a Private YouTube Video?

YouTube itself provides a Private option to users. This option allows users to share videos with only 25 people, and that too by using the email addresses of people who are allowed and of course they are YouTube users.

Well, we will show you how to upload private videos and how to share private videos with friends. Not to forget, we also share tips for converting Public videos to Private. Listen carefully!

How To Share a Private YouTube Video: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Upload Private Videos on YouTube

To start uploading it, go to YouTube, and click Upload in the top right corner of your screen.

how to share a private youtube video 2021

In this Upload menu, you can insert a video by using the Open icon or just drag the video to the YouTube screen.

Right below it, there is a dropdown menu that is set to Public, press the menu and select Private. If it is set to Private then every video you upload will continue to be Private.

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how to share private youtube video on whatsapp

To add people who are allowed to view the video you can use the Share Privately button by typing the email addresses of the people who are allowed to. Keep in mind, you can only add 25 people and the email that has been entered cannot be returned.

youtube private video

When done, click Done and the video will be shared with your friend.

How to Turn Videos Private

If you previously “diligently” upload videos to YouTube and it turns out that you want to convert some videos to Private, click the menu button located just below the YouTube logo (3 horizontal lines). Click My Channel to access the settings on your Channel page.

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You will see the Manage Videos option. Click the button to enter YouTube Studio.

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On the Channel Content page, click the dropdown button in the Visibility section. Then, press the Private button and click the Save button.

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Well, that’s an easy way to share private videos on YouTube and how to convert videos to private. Hopefully, this information is useful for you, and good luck trying it!

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