How To Set NFT As Profile Picture On Twitter

How To Set NFT As Profile Picture On Twitter

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How To Set NFT As Profile Picture On Twitter? How to use an NFT as your Twitter profile pictureSocial media giant Twitter has just announced a new feature that allows users to use NFT images as profile photos on their Twitter. The new feature is available specifically for paid users or what can be referred to as Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue on iOS officially links the non-exchangeable token to their profile picture. When finished, your profile photo will appear with a hexagonal frame. Other users can later click on the image to get detailed information about your NFT.

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This is different from ordinary Twitter users. For ordinary users, the Twitter user’s profile photo will be in the form of a circle. However, profile photos with NFT images will use a hexagonal or hexagonal frame.

“This new feature provides a great and friendly way for people on Twitter to verify NFT ownership by allowing them to directly connect their crypto wallet to Twitter and select NFT from their collection as their new profile picture,” explained the Twitter press.

This release also notes plans to bring the feature to Android and the web. However, it does not say when the exact time to release it. You need to know that the current Twitter Blue subscription costs US$2.99 ​​or Rp43,000 per month.

The profile photo feature with NFT assets is currently still limited to iOS users in the United States (US), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But even so, all Twitter users of any platform can view NFT profile photos with hexagonal frames.

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Twitter’s Product Lead, Esther Crawford, said that through this feature Twitter places its services as a social network that also accommodates activities such as conversations and education related to NFT, blockchain, and other crypto technologies.

How to use an NFT as your Twitter profile picture

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You can change your profile photo with an NFT image if you are already subscribed to Twitter. To change it is the same as you change your profile photo in normal. It’s just that you will get two options after you tap on your profile photo, namely, Upload Photo and Select NFT.

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