How to Send Large Files by Email

How to Send Large Files by Email

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It often happens that we have difficulty sending data or files over 25 MB via email. But don’t worry, here’s How to Send Large Files by Email that is easy and you can definitely try.

If we previously gave tips on how to send large files on an Android smartphone, now we will provide tricks on how to send large files via email.

As is known, various email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others, have a limit on attachments or files sent with a maximum size of 25 MB.

So, to solve the “problem”, a little trick is needed so that you can send files or data more than 25 MB by email. There are two tips on how to send large files via email that we will provide for you.

Well, for more details, please see How to Send Large Files by Email below!

How to Send Large Files Over the Internet

how to send large files through outlook

How to Send Large Files with Google Drive

The first way to send a video or large file via email is to use Google Drive. This Google-owned service is a cloud storage service from Google, which gives users 15 GB of free storage.

To use it, follow these steps to send large files via Google Drive:

  • First, open the Google Drive service.
  • Then please log in using your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one first.
  • Next, upload the file you want to send directly via email by pressing the button > New and select > File Upload to upload the file, or select > Folder Upload to upload the entire file folder.
  • Wait a few moments until the upload process is complete.
  • If so, now right-click on the uploaded folder or file, then press the Get shareable link button.
  • Now, go to the Gmail page, and send the email, as usual, entering the destination email address, and the email subject.
  • how to send large files by email – google drive
  • Then, insert the copied link into the email message. Later, recipients can access files or folders that they have sent easily, without being limited by the 25MB rule from the Gmail service.

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Sending Large Files with Dropbox

In addition to Google Drive, how to send large files via email can also be done via Dropbox. This application is often used as a way to send videos via email.

However, unlike Gmail and Google Drive accounts that are already integrated, Dropbox must be created separately.

So, the first step you have to do is to have both accounts. If you don’t have a dropbox account yet, you must register first.

The good news is, you can directly register using your Gmail account. Here’s how.

Sign up for a Dropbox account

  • First, go to the Dropbox page
  • Click > register with Gmail
  • Next, a new Gmail login window will appear
  • Enter your Gmail address, then click > Next.
  • Enter your Gmail password, then click > Next
  • An approval will appear for Dropbox to be allowed to access your Gmail account.
  • Then click > Allow
  • Then the account list page will appear. All fields are already filled, so you just have to check approval and click register.
  • Done, your Dropbox account is now ready to use

Send files via Dropbox

The next way to send large video files via Dropbox is to log into your Gmail account. Use your email address and email account password to log in.

  • First, write down the email address you want to send (this field is mandatory)
  • Write the subject of the email to be sent
  • After that, fill in the email text in the body text body
  • Click the “Upload file” button located at the top right
  • Next, an open window will appear, where you can select the files to be uploaded to your Dropbox account.
  • The “upload to…” dialog box will appear. click > Dropbox
  • Then click the button > Upload
  • Wait for the upload process to finish
  • After the upload process is complete, the name of the uploaded file will appear in Dropbox.

For the record, because many files are sent via Gmail, repeat this upload process for all files to be sent. You have to block all large files that you want to send like the process that was done earlier.

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How easy isn’t it How to Send Large Files by Email such as videos via email that we discussed? In this way, you can easily send 2 GB emails containing photos and videos, without hitting the 25 MB attachment limit.

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