How to Send Folder in Gmail

How to Send Folder in Gmail – Compressed Folder in Gmail

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As we know, Gmail is the most popular email delivery service in the world. With Gmail email, besides being able to send email messages, we can also attach attachments in the form of files such as documents or images.

Previously, it was discussed how to send attachment files via Gmail, now the problem is that if you send a lot of files, it will be complicated if you have to upload one by one.

An easier way is to collect all files in one folder, then send the folder to the recipient of the email.

How to Send Folder in Gmail? The answer is, you can if you use a trick. Folders cannot be sent directly, but if the folder is converted into a RAR or Zip file, it can be sent via email.

How to Attach a Folder to an Gmail

Send folder via Gmail on Mobile

We will also discuss below how to send it via computer, but since more visitors use cell phones, we will first discuss the version via cell phone.

Step 1: Change the folder to RAR or Zip

First, prepare the application for the compressor first. Here we use . First, install the application on your phone.

  1. Collect all files in a folder first.
  2. Open the RAR application earlier.
  3. After logging in, all you have to do is find the folder or file you want to convert to RAR. In this example, I want to convert the photo file to RAR. If you want to change the folder, the method is the same. Select the file or folder. Then click the RAR+ icon as shown in the picture.
how to send folder in gmail without zip
  1. After that you will be taken to a page like this. Here you can fill in the file name, as well as choose the file format. Can be zip or rar.
how to send folder in email
  1. If you have clicked ok. If the file is large, wait for the process to complete.
  2. If the process is complete, a new file will appear with the name and format you selected earlier.
  3. Take note of the file storage position earlier, so that it will be easy to find it later when you upload the file.

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Step 2: Send RAR or Zip via Gmail

If the RAR or zip file that you created earlier is larger than 25MB, then the shipping method is different from the one described below. In Gmail, it is only allowed to send files with a file size of no more than 25 MB.

If the file is under 25MB, continue to follow the process below.

  1. Open your Gmail application.
  2. After that click the “add icon” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. You will be taken to the email writing page. Fill in the destination address, subject, and message as usual.
  4. Next, to attach the RAR file, you click the “paper clip icon”. Then select “Attach file”.
  5. After that you will be taken to the storage location on your smartphone. This is where you find the file. First, check the available list, if it doesn’t exist, it means you have to browse to find it. Tap the three lines as in the picture.
how to send folder in gmail in laptop
  1. After that go to the file manager, if it’s not there, look for a menu that can take you into your cell phone’s internal memory, it can be a memory icon or cell phone
  2. After that you are taken to your data storage. Find the file earlier. After finding the file, check the file and select OK.
  3. If you have selected and enter the file. Then the message page on your Gmail looks like the image below. To send a message along with the folder (rar file), just tap the send button.
  4. After that a confirmation box will appear. Just choose “OK”.

Not all emails have confirmation of message delivery. This depends on your email settings. So if the email confirmation page doesn’t appear on your smartphone, the message will still be sent.

To make sure you can check the “Sent” or “sent” folder in your inbox. If the message has been entered into the “Sent” folder, it means that it has been sent.

Additional explanation: How to open a folder on the recipient’s cell phone

If the recipient of the email is a newbie too, then you can help explain how to open the folder that has become RAR earlier. The important thing to prepare on the recipient’s cell phone is the RAR application earlier.

Here’s the process;

  1. Open the email you received earlier. You will see that there is a zip file attached. Tap the file. Then choose to “Extract files to” to extract the zip file into a regular file/folder.
  2. After that select the place where you will save the extracted results. Here I choose DCIM. Then I select “Extract”.
  3. The rar file will be extracted automatically. If you have, you will see the file or folder in the storage area that you selected earlier.

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Send folder via Gmail on computer

It is undeniable, sending files via a PC or computer is much easier. This is because the process of searching for files is much easier on a computer than on a cell phone.

Step 1: Convert the folder to RAR or ZIP

To convert a folder to rar or zip on a PC, it’s easier than a smartphone. Because usually, the computer has automatically installed the RAR application. So you just use it.

  1. Prepare the folder that you will convert into RAR.
  2. After that you right-click on the folder. Then select “Add to rar” as shown in the picture.
how to send folder in google drive
  1. The folder will be compressed into a RAR file. Wait for the process to finish.
  2. If so, the RAR file will appear with the same name as the compressed folder earlier.

Step 2: Sending RAR via Gmail

If the RAR file is under 25MB, please follow the process below.

  1. log in to your Gmail inbox at
  2. Click the “Compose” button to start writing the email.
  3. After that, an email writing box will appear. Here you first enter the email address of the destination, subject, and body of the email. To attach the RAR file, click the paperclip icon as shown in the image.
how to send folder in outlook
  1. After that you will be taken to the file search box. Here find the file. Click the file, then click the “Open” button.
  2. After that, wait for the file to be uploaded first. If so, the file that you will send looks like the image below.
how to send folder in whatsapp
  1. If you don’t think there’s anything else to add, click the send button to send the email message and attachments.
  2. The message should have been sent. If you are not sure, you can check the “Sent” or “Sent” folder in your Gmail inbox. If the message is already in the folder, it means that the message and the file have been sent successfully.

Additional explanation: How to open a folder to the recipient’s computer

Just as explained above, if the recipient is a newbie (beginner), then can you help explain how to open the folder. Here’s how to open the folder in the zip or rar earlier.

  1. Click the RAR attachment you received in the email.
  2. After that a small box will appear like this, just click “Download” to download the file.
  3. Find the file that was downloaded earlier. Right-click on the file, then select “Extract Here” or select “Extract to [folder name]”
  4. After that, the contents of the RAR will appear.

By converting files or folders to ZIP or RAR, usually, the total size will be reduced. This is because RAR is a file-size compressing application.

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Maybe that’s all for now. If you have any questions, please add them in the comments below.

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