How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients

How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients using Gmail

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You must have sent email messages to many recipients at once. Especially for workers or students.

It definitely requires you to be able to spend more time to ensure that the email reaches all the destination email addresses. Well, to be able to save the time you have, you better use the methods that I will explain here.

I’ll explain How to Send Email to Multiple Recipients using Gmail.

Actually, there are many ways that can be done to be able to send this mass email message, but what I will explain here are only two ways, namely manually and through Google Contacts. Here is the explanation.

How to send an email to multiple recipients

Send mass email messages but manually

In this way, you have to enter one by one email addresses. If you want to send dozens of emails, you have to type in their addresses one by one each time you want to send a message to them. It’s easy, see below.

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  1. As usual, the first login to your Gmail account, if you forget the password, I’ve discussed it here. Then next you click “write” to write a message as usual.
how to send same email to multiple recipients outlook with attachment
  1. Now, in the “To” column, you enter the email addresses one by one according to how many email addresses you want to send messages to. Don’t forget to separate email addresses from one another with a space. If you have already typed the email addresses, provide a space to separate them.
how to send email to multiple recipients with different attachments

You can see this in the example I gave. I’ll be sending messages to more than 5 email addresses, so that’s how I add email addresses. If you have finished typing the email addresses you want to go to, please fill in the subject field (if necessary) or if you want to send a file, please go through the attachment or GDrive, and the email message is ready to be sent.

Send mass email messages via Google Contacts

Have you heard of this Google service? Yep. Google Contacts name. There you can create many contact groups that contain lots of emails.

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If you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of email addresses and you communicate with them almost every day, just create a contact group. So you no longer need to bother typing their email addresses one by one like the manual method above. Interested? If so, here’s how. Listen carefully.

  1. First login here. If you have successfully logged in, the Google Contacts display will appear as shown in the picture. Next, you must create a new label by clicking “Create a label” to accommodate all the email contacts that you have set up.
send email to multiple recipients outlook
  1. Next you fill in the name of the label that you will use. We recommend using a label name that is not too long so that it is easy to remember. Because later when you want to write an email and send it to the contact group that you have created, what you will type is the name of the label.

For example, because I will save all of my classmates’ email contacts, I will name it “Class C”. If you have given the label name, please click “Save”.

how to send an email to multiple recipients individually
  1. It worked. You have successfully created a label. The label will appear according to the name you created earlier. In the example I gave the arrow, that’s the name of the label that I made earlier. Now it’s time to fill in the label with the email contact list that you prepared earlier. Just click on “Create contact”.
how to send email to multiple recipients from excel
  1. Then a display like the following will appear. Please fill in according to the email contact that you have provided. If you have, then click “Save” to save the contact you have created.
send same email to multiple recipients separately gmail
  1. After you click “Save”, an information page about the contact details that you added earlier will appear. Just click the x or close the page. If you have a lot of email contacts that you need to enter, please click “create contact” every time you want to add a new contact.

For example, I’ve added 3 email contacts to the group I created earlier (“Class c”). If you have added all contacts to the group, it means that you have finished creating contact groups in Google Groups, and you can close the Google Groups page.

how to send email to multiple recipients without them knowing gmail
  1. Now, it’s time for testing. Now you are logged in to your email account, and compose a message as usual. In the “To” section, type the name of the label that you created earlier. Because earlier I made a label with the name “Class c”, so I typed “Class c”. Then the contact group that you created earlier will appear. Just click on the name of the group that appears.

Then all the contacts that belong to the group will appear. Because I only added 3 contacts to the group, only 3 contacts appear in the “to” section. It looks like the following.

how do i send an email to a group without showing all the email addresses

Before sending a message, don’t forget to fill in the subject first if necessary. It’s done. You just click “Send” to send your email message to all the contact groups that you have created. How? Easy isn’t it? You will easily send any message to many emails at once.


If you want to send messages to multiple email addresses at once, you can use the manual method. However, if you need to send mass emails to these contacts multiple times, it is more time-effective if you collect the destination addresses on Google Contacts.

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The drawback is that at the beginning, entering Google Contacts for the first time will take time. That’s why this method is only effective if you really often send mass emails to those contacts.

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