How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace on Phone or PC

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Facebook officially provides a marketplace feature that aims to connect sellers and buyers. This feature is very useful so it will be a loss if a seller does not know How to Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace.

The Facebook marketplace is a place to sell goods that are better and more comfortable than selling through Facebook groups. The marketplace is more organized and tidy, so buyers who want to find goods will be more comfortable.

In addition, the Facebook marketplace provides a detailed search feature. You can apply search filters according to the location closest to you, filter prices, categories, registered dates, and more.

So, the Facebook marketplace will be very suitable for selling your goods. What’s more, you can do how to sell goods on the Facebook marketplace via a computer/laptop or Android / iOS smartphone.

Before heading to How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace, make sure you already have a Facebook account to use.

How to sell items on Facebook using Facebook Marketplace

how do i find my items for sale on facebook marketplace

The first way to sell goods on the Facebook marketplace is through a Facebook computer. All you need is an internet network and a web browser application such as Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox.

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Here’s How To Post Items On Facebook Marketplace:

  • Open a web browser application on your laptop or computer.
  • Go to the website
  • and log in using your account.
  • In the navigation menu, click Marketplace.
  • Then click the Sell Something button.
  • Fill in all information on the goods you want to sell starting from the category, name of the item, price of the item, location, and description of the item.
  • Click +10 Photos to provide a photo of your item.
  • Finally, click Next to post to the marketplace.
  • Done.

You can also change the items that you sell on the Facebook marketplace by going to the Sell menu then clicking Edit Posts. By doing this, you can change the information if there is an error or the item you are selling has already been bought by people.

Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace with Mobile Phone

how to sell on facebook marketplace without friends seeing

The second way to sell on the Facebook marketplace that you can use is through the Facebook application on a smartphone. You can install the Facebook application for Android or iOS phones first.

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Here’s How to Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Open the Facebook application on your cellphone device.
  • Login using your Facebook account.
  • Tap the menu at the top and select Marketplace.
  • Select the Sell option and then specify the category of goods you want to sell.
  • Add item details such as photos, titles, prices, locations, descriptions, labels, and more.
  • If everything is filled, tap Next.
  • Then check Marketplace and tap the Publish button.
  • Done.

To edit your marketplace posts, first, go to the Marketplace menu. Then tap the icon as shown below to enter the post of the item you are selling on the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Selling Tips: Sell for free – when & how

If you are a merchant who wants to reach more people in order to increase the number of sales, or you are looking to sell your goods on the marketplace. There are a few tips that you must do so that the items you sell quickly.

  • Make sure you have correctly determined the category of the goods or services you offer before posting to the Facebook marketplace.
  • For product photos, use clear and real photos or real photos so that your prospective buyers don’t get unsuitable items.
  • Include prices in accordance with the price of the goods. Because sometimes, the seller wants to sell goods at a price of 25,000 but the price that is installed is 2500. This will confuse the prospective seller and indirectly your reputation as a seller becomes bad.
  • For determining the location, make sure you have set it correctly. Because if it’s not right, it’s possible that prospective buyers won’t reach the goods you are selling.
  • After you have successfully sent a post on the Facebook marketplace, don’t forget to share it in the group concerned. For example, you sell motorbikes, you can share posts in a group buying and selling motorbikes or motorbikes.

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Well, that’s How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace on Phone or PC. Also, try some of the tips above so that your goods sell quickly.