How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace – 6 Steps

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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace? Now besides being used for social media, Facebook is also starting to be used for other functions.

For example, a place to find work, because of the availability of features related to job vacancies. In addition, it is a place for buying and selling online, because of the marketplace feature.

Regarding the marketplace feature itself, although many have access, there are still many who do not fully understand this feature. Starting from how to sell goods on the marketplace, what are the requirements, and how to sell tips on the marketplace.

In fact, I’ve heard some complaints from Facebook users who can’t access the marketplace. If that happens, it’s a shame you can’t use one of these important features.

But don’t worry. I will discuss everything related to the marketplace here. Please see the following discussion.

Terms of selling on the Facebook marketplace

To be able to sell on the Facebook marketplace, the most important thing is that you are over 18 years old. If you are more than 18 years old, you can already sell on the Facebook Marketplace.

In addition, what needs to be noted is that all goods sold on Facebook, whether in the marketplace, buying and selling groups, page stores, or Instagram shopping, must comply with Facebook’s trade policies.

What are the trade policies of Facebook that apply? Well, there are some items that are not allowed to be traded on Facebook. These items include:

  1. Not real goods. This means that goods that do not have a physical form are not allowed to be sold. Don’t promote news, jokes, or anything else that doesn’t offer a product for sale.
  2. Buying and selling animals. Selling animals is not allowed in the Facebook marketplace. This includes posts about animal adoption. But if you want to sell animal cages or products for animals (toys, animal necklaces, etc.) you can trade them.
  3. Services or event tickets. There are only a few services and event tickets that are allowed to be traded on Facebook. Services that are allowed to be offered in the marketplace include house cleaning services, hair cutting services, and other similar services. For event tickets, Facebook limits the buying and selling of tickets. The sale and purchase of restricted tickets, such as tickets for concerts, festivals, tickets for sporting events, admission tickets, and transit tickets.
  4. Health care and weapons. Items related to health care such as first aid kits may not be traded in the marketplace. It also includes dangerous equipment such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, and others that are dangerous and require special permission from certain parties to trade them.
  5. Picture before or after. Well, selling posts that display before and after images such as photos showing weight loss and others that are similar are not allowed to be sold on Facebook.
  6. The description and photos do not match. So, the photo of the item you are selling must match the description and title of your post.

You can sell items other than the six points above safely on the Facebook marketplace. So you have to pay attention to Facebook’s trading conditions before you want to sell on the marketplace.

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How To Post Items On Facebook Marketplace – Sell Items Fast!

  1. Open the Facebook application, then enter the marketplace.
how to sell on facebook marketplace for beginners
  1. Because here you want to sell goods or products, then select “Sell”
how do i find my items for sale on facebook marketplace
  1. Then you will see a display like in the picture. Please fill in as completely as possible.
  2. Especially for the price column, if you want to give a specific price then you will not be able to activate the “send message to seller” feature in your sales post later.

But if you don’t provide a specific price, meaning that you have products with various prices, you can leave the price column blank and activate the “send message to seller” feature.

Now, if the products or goods that you are going to sell are varied, it is better for you to write in detail the name of the product and the price of each in the “remarks” column. If you feel that everything is complete, please select the “publish” button.

  1. Next you will be asked to choose several groups to send your sales post later. If you have selected several groups, select “Share” to share the post to the marketplace and groups that you previously selected.
  2. Okay, done. You have successfully posted your sale. Now you just have to monitor and respond if someone wants to order or just ask about the goods or products you sell.

Tips for selling on the Facebook marketplace

Gathering a large number of subscribers on the Facebook Marketplace is not that difficult. Because there are many ways that can be done to increase or collect new customers every day.

Hopefully, you can use these tips to improve your sales performance so that it sells! Here are the tips:

Use quality product photos.

Photos are important in selling because photos will have to do with trust in the quality of the products being sold. Use quality photos, not broken and blurry.

Make product photos that are bright and clear, but not deceptive. Use original photos taken with your own products. That way, when your customers receive the product, they won’t be disappointed. Because most of the customers feel disappointed if the items they get don’t match the product photos you posted.

Fast and friendly response to potential buyers

As a seller, you must be ready if at any time customers or prospective buyers ask for the products you offer. Answer these questions with a fast and friendly response.

Explain every detail of the product if the customer asks for it. Be a friendly salesperson. Then the customer will be happy to get a good response from the seller.

Post-sales at the right time

Customize your posts by choosing the right time. For example, you sell food. Post the products you sell in the morning, afternoon, or late afternoon according to most people’s eating hours.

It’s different if you sell food at night, of course, it’s not right. Because most people will go to bed at these hours.

So just adjust the posting of your product with the appropriate hour or time to attract and attract more buyers.

Give attractive offers such as free shipping

Free shipping is one of the most sought-after considerations by buyers. You can offer products at prices that include free shipping to attract buyers.

Use complete and clear product descriptions

Well, when posting a product, you should add a clear and complete product description. This is so that potential buyers can immediately read the product description without having to contact you first as a seller.

They will definitely immediately consider and make a decision from the product description that you provide. So they only need to order, they don’t have to ask questions about the products you sell.

If the five points that I have explained earlier have been implemented, I believe your sales will definitely be full of buyers. Remember one thing, the more you share posts to various groups, the wider your sales reach. Then you apply the five points above.

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How to delete expired merchandise

To delete merchandise that has run out, you can start from the “Your Items” page as below. Here select the three-dot icon to the right of your post. Then various menus will appear.

There you can mark posts with the status of “sold out” if indeed your selling product is out of stock (for now).

In addition, there is also a “delete” feature, which you can use if you don’t sell the product anymore, for example, in the future, the same product will no longer be in stock.

What if you can’t access the Facebook marketplace?

Some Facebook users have complained about not being able to access the marketplace.

Some say if the marketplace icon doesn’t appear in the application menu, you can try looking for the marketplace menu in the Facebook option. The trick, select the three-lined icon on the top right as shown in the picture, then scroll down and look for the marketplace menu there.

In addition, there are also those who say that the marketplace menu is in the application but cannot access the marketplace. Or in other languages, access to the marketplace is closed by Facebook. This all happened related to the trade policy of Facebook.

Reporting from the official Facebook site regarding the marketplace., if someone can’t find or access the marketplace, then there are several things that prevent you from accessing it:

  1. Marketplace is not yet available to everyone in its entirety

Facebook is still developing and perfecting the marketplace features, therefore Facebook is still opening marketplace access gradually. So not everyone can use the marketplace.

  1. Under the age of 18 years

The Facebook Marketplace is available to users over the age of 18. So that Facebook accounts whose users are under 18 years old may not be able to access the marketplace.

  1. Unsupported languages

To use the Facebook marketplace, make sure you’re using Facebook in one of the supported languages. If you use a language that does not support Facebook, then you will not be able to use the marketplace.

  1. The Facebook application has not been updated to the latest version

The marketplace is not available for older versions of the Facebook application or on iPhone models prior to iPhone 5. So make sure your Facebook application is updated to the latest version.

  1. Violating trade policies.

As explained above, there are some things that should not be traded on Facebook. If you still don’t comply, you will be deemed to have violated Facebook’s trading policies. As a result, access to the marketplace could be revoked by Facebook.

Maybe you’ve previously posted something that you unknowingly violated Facebook’s trading policies so that your marketplace access was closed.

Well, if your marketplace access is closed but you feel that you are not violating Facebook’s trading policies, you can just contact Facebook for further review.

From your Facebook app marketplace icon, just select “Request a review” then fill out the form. Just wait until a week. Later, Facebook will contact you via your Facebook inbox or your personal email.


The marketplace feature makes it easy for users to make buying and selling transactions. But to be able to sell goods on the Facebook marketplace also has its own conditions that must be obeyed.

If it is not in accordance with the applicable trade policy, you may not be able to access the marketplace as a result of your violation.

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Well, now that you know how to sell items on the Facebook marketplace as well as tips on selling them on the marketplace, it’s time for you to try. Happy trying.


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