How To Sell Books On Google Play

Google Books: How To Sell Books On Google Play

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How To Sell Books On Google Play? One of the less popular Google services is Google Play Book, which is integrated with the Google Play Store. Google Play Book is a service that offers e-books that make it easy for users to buy and download e-books.

If you’re one of the 2.5 billion people who own an Android device, you know what Google Play Books is all about. This is even if you never open it at all. The presence of Google Play is a service that you can use to download or buy Google services. Both apps, games, music, movies, and also books for you to use on your phone.

And that’s why Google Play Books is such an important place for any writer today. Google Play Books lets you easily reach billions of people around the world who have Android devices.

A Brief History of Google Play Books

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In early 2020, it’s not as easy as getting your book into Google Play Books without first going through an “approval period” and (sometimes) a long waiting list.

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Well, starting October 2020, Google Play Books will “unilaterally follow the selling price you provide for the sale of ebooks to customers in the United States and Canada”, regardless of the price of the ebook.

That’s all the history you need to know about Google Play Books, and now it seems that Google Play Books is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the following author will share an easy way to upload your book to Google Play Books.

How to Publish on Google Play Books

how to upload books to google play books
  • Please register first to become a Google Play Books partner by filling out the form via
  • After that you need to select an account category which is “Publisher”: Author who publishes the book independently” or “Distributor or service provider”. Then fill in the data completely, after that tick the two columns at the “E-mail preferences and terms” stage.
  • Google will ask you to enter your financial information. This information is useful so that Google Play can pay your royalties. Financial Data includes payment information such as accounts and taxes.
  • Next, you will enter the dashboard to upload a book on Google Play then click “Add a book” Fill in the book data in detail such as about books, genres, contributors, and others
  • Start uploading your book files as well as book covers. You need to know that uploading a book must use the PDF or EPUB file format.
  • Set the price of your book after all the terms and details of the book have been completed.
  • Click “Publish”

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You need to know for those of you who want to become a Google Play Book partner, Google can take up to 12 days to review and activate your account.

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