How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile – Know Who Stalk Your FB

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How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? Facebook which is one of the social media is now a place to share information for its users. Through Facebook, all the information we want to know can be accessed easily, including personal information. Every Facebook user can access your personal information, especially those who are secretly fans of you.

You must be wondering who likes stalking your Facebook profile. Just like Instagram, you can also check who are the people who secretly like your profile on Facebook in the way the author will explain below. You can use two ways, namely using the application or not using the application.

With these two ways, you can find out how many and who are your hidden fans and secretly peek at your FB profile. Read the explanation below carefully, yes.

How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

how to see people stalking your facebook

How to see FB stalkers with the “Who Visited My Profile” application

By using this application you can not only find people who like stalking your profile but also people who like to post your photos on Facebook. Immediately, yes, here is a tutorial to find out the FB stalker using the Who Visited My Profile application.

  • First, download the Who Visited My Profile application. Install the application until it is completely installed on your phone.
  • Then open the application. Then you will be taken to a page like in the image below. Tap the Login with a Facebook menu to continue.
  • A login form will appear to your Facebook account, just log in as usual. Tap the Sign In button to continue.
  • Next, you will be on a page like an image below. To find out your Facebook profile stalker, tap the Who Visited Your Profile menu.
  • After that, you can find out a list of accounts that like stalking your profile on Facebook. So easy right?

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Advantages of Who Visited My Profile Application

Who Visited My Profile is an application that is widely used by Facebook users who are curious about their stalkers. There are several reasons why this application is so loved by many people. Here are the advantages of the Who Visited My Profile application that you should know.

  • This app is Free. You can get Who Visited My Profile for free by downloading it at the link that the author has shared above. When else will you be able to find out hidden fans who like stalking your Facebook profile secretly without spending a significant amount of money?
  • Easy to use. This application is very easy to use because the menus provided do not confuse users. After logging in, you can immediately check who likes stalking you on Facebook without having to go through a long and complicated process.
  • Many Menu Options. In this application, you can not only find out who the accounts like stalking your profile on Facebook are on the Who Visited Your Profile menu, but there you can also choose other menus such as Who Likes You Most, Who You Like Most, Best Friends, Old Friends, Top Likers, and Top Commenters. You can use all of them as needed. It’s not enough to stop there, you can also find out who likes to point at your photos by selecting the Who Viewed Your Photos menu. There are also other menu options that you can choose to find out about Top Photo Likers and Top Photo Commenters.
  • Relatively light application size. This application has a small size, which is about 9MB. so, this application will not take up much space in your phone memory.

Disadvantages of Who Visited My Profile Application

The Who Visited My Profile application also has a few drawbacks that you must know too. You can take these shortcomings into consideration before using this application. The following are some of the shortcomings of the Who Visited My Profile application.

  • Not Available on Play Store. This application is not available on the Play Store, friends.
  • Data Security. The author himself also doesn’t know whether the Who Visited My Profile application is safe for users’ personal data or not because the author has not found any guarantee of data security from this application.
  • Must be Online. This application cannot be used in offline mode, my friend, so your phone must have sufficient cellular data or be connected to WiFi first.
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Note: Applications like this are not safe, they usually ask to log in to your account, and this is a very big risk. The average application like this is not in the PlayStore, this is because they are not safe, so they are not accepted in the PlayStore.

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How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile without additional apps

There are many applications out there that promise to be able to check stalker accounts. But, this time you don’t need to bother downloading those applications which will increase the memory load on your phone. The author will explain how to find a FB stalker in a very easy way because this method does not require an application.

  • First, you have to log in to Facebook in a web browser via a laptop or computer. Remember, don’t log in on your phone, but on your laptop or computer.
  • Then go to your profile on Facebook. If you have entered the profile section, right-click and click the View Page Source menu which looks like the image below.
Here's How to Find Who All Visited Your Profile
  • If you have clicked the View Page Source menu, then press Ctrl+F on the keyboard and a small box will appear as shown below.
How to know who viewed your Facebook profile
  • Type InitialChatFriendList and you will see the stalker ID of your Facebook profile as shown in the image below.
How To Tell If Someone Is Stalking Your Facebook Page
  • You can copy the ID without quotes and without -2. For example, “100027254259297-2” is copied which is 100027254259297 only. Open a new tab in the browser and paste the ID after the italics on the Facebook URL as shown below. Example:
  • Then you will be taken to the profile page of the owner’s Facebook account. That’s the account that likes stalking you on Facebook. Now you can find out who are the people who are secretly your fans on Facebook.

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Tips to Prevent Suspicious Facebook Stalkers

We never know the purpose of those Facebook stalkers spying on your profile. Unexpectedly, they could be stalking Facebook with the aim of committing a crime. Of course, this will make us restless and worried right? But you don’t need to be confused because here the author will also provide tips to prevent Facebook stalkers from spying on your account on Facebook. Please read the following explanation carefully.

  1. Your Private Profile Info. To prevent unknown people from spying on your Facebook account, you can set your Facebook profile info in private mode. You can set it on the Settings and Privacy menu in the Facebook application.
  2. Check Friends List. It’s also a good idea if you are diligent in checking the list of people who have already become your friends on Facebook. If you encounter a foreign account, don’t hesitate to unfriend to keep yourself and your account safe.
  3. Group Friends List. You should also group your friend’s list into existing categories such as college friends, neighbors, coworkers, and so on. This will make it very easy for you when you want to filter posts. Suppose you want to post posts about work, then you can filter only share with coworkers.
  4. Block Annoying and Suspicious People. Strangers who feel disturbing and suspicious, you better block them immediately to avoid unwanted things. You can set it in the Settings section and select the Blocking menu.