How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter

How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter

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Twitter provides a warning when an account or media contains sensitive content. If you are bothered by this, the following How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter can solve your problem.

Sensitive content is one of Twitter’s rules and policies so that its users can use Twitter’s social media properly.

That is why a warning will appear when you open an account or media on Twitter, be it photos or videos that may contain sensitive content.

But now you don’t have to worry, because here’s How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter. So you won’t be bothered by the warning again.

How to Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content on Twitter

Why can't I see sensitive content on Twitter?

Warning: Twitter accounts that frequently send sensitive content will be more susceptible to being suspended or suspended by Twitter.

Content Sensitive Twitter Account

Twitter accounts that frequently send tweets containing sensitive content cannot be opened normally. The Twitter account will display a warning, this profile may contain sensitive content.

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Here’s how to view Twitter accounts with sensitive content:

  • First, open your Twitter account.
  • Then visit accounts containing sensitive content.
  • Then a warning appears that the profile contains sensitive content.
  • You only need to press the button Yes, view profile.
  • Done.

Now you have successfully opened a Twitter account that contains sensitive content. All tweets and Twitter account media can be accessed and viewed.

Twitter Sensitive Content Media

Generally, Twitter accounts that contain sensitive content send out sensitive media tweets, be it photos or videos. Therefore, you also have to handle it in order to see the content.

How to view sensitive content on Twitter:

  • Open a Twitter account on your device.
  • Then open the media tweet that you want to see.
  • A warning appears that the media contains sensitive content.
  • Press the View option on the right.
  • Then, the photo or video media will be visible.
  • Done.

Well, that’s how to open Twitter media that may contain sensitive content. This method applies to access sensitive photos and videos on Twitter.

Changing Twitter Settings

how to change twitter settings to view sensitive content
If you feel the guide above is quite a hassle because you have to do it one by one, then you can change the settings on your Twitter account. The method is quite easy, follow the guide below.

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How to change Twitter settings to view sensitive content:

  • Open a Twitter account on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Then enter the Settings and privacy menu.
  • Select on the menu Privacy and security.
  • Then scroll to the bottom.
  • Activate the Display media option which may contain sensitive content.
  • Done.

If the steps above have been carried out, then you have successfully changed Twitter’s settings so that you can view sensitive content. Now all accounts and media photos and videos on Twitter that contain sensitive content can be viewed normally.

So many articles on How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter that you can try on your account. Hopefully, this article is useful and adds to your insight regarding Twitter.