How to See Lyrics on Spotify

How to See Lyrics on Spotify iPhone and Android

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Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music applications in the world today. Spotify can also provide song lyrics if you play it. If you still don’t know How to See Lyrics on Spotify, then you will find the answer in this article.

You can see the lyrics on Spotify in the Spotify music player section. Apart from lyrics, sometimes some music can also bring up storylines, covers, and short videos related to the music.

But the fact is, the song lyrics on Spotify do not support certain songs. Songs that may not be very famous usually don’t have lyrics available when you play them on Spotify.

But you don’t need to worry, because Spotify can be connected with a third-party application that is able to provide complete lyrics.

There are also websites that provide millions of lyrics and for sure you will find the lyrics there. So even if your favorite music doesn’t appear on Spotify’s lyrics, there are still other ways you can use it.

How to See Lyrics on Spotify

There are several ways to display lyrics on Spotify, starting from without an application or using a third-party application. You can display lyrics directly using Spotify so you don’t need the help of other applications.

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But if the lyrics are not available on Spotify, then you need to install a third-party lyrics application on your smartphone device then set it up so you can connect on Spotify.

Without App

Spotify show lyrics desktop

As we already know, Spotify is the most popular music streaming application because it has the most complete collection of songs and provides lyrics. To display lyrics, you only need to activate it.

How to display lyrics on Spotify without an application:

  • Make sure the Spotify application is in the latest version.
  • Then run the Spotify application.
  • Play the music you want.
  • In the music player view, activate the Lyrics option.
  • Then the lyrics will appear that you play.
  • Tap on it to display all the lyrics.
  • Done.

Very easy, right? But if the lyrics option is not available, it means that Spotify has not provided lyrics for the music. To fix this, you can use the next method below.

Using Musixmatch

how to see lyrics on Spotify iPhone

The second way to be able to activate lyrics on Spotify is to use the help of the Musixmatch application. This application is available for android and iOS, so you can install it via the Playstore or Appstore.

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How to display Spotify lyrics with musixmatch:

  • Install the Musixmatch application on your cellphone first.
  • If it is installed, open the musixmatch application.
  • Login using a Facebook or Google account.
  • Give permission to show on the screen.
  • Give musixmatch permission on the currently playing music section.
  • Go to Home then go to Settings.
  • Tap the Spotify option and Login using your Spotify account.
  • Play music on Spotify then musixmatch will provide lyrics.

This application you can use for free to display the lyrics of the music you play on Spotify. Besides Spotify, you can also display the lyrics from mp3 files that are on your storage.

Musixmatch can also provide lyrics with translations into multiple languages.

Using 1Lyrics

why cant i see lyrics on Spotify

The third way to bring up Spotify lyrics is by using the 1Lyrics application. This application can also provide lyrics of the music you play on Spotify.

You can install this application via the playstore easily. When it’s installed, open the app and allow all requested access. When you play a Spotify song, this application will automatically provide lyrics via notification.

Open the notification, and you can see the Spotify song lyrics that you are playing. But unfortunately, this application cannot sync. So, you have to shift the lyrics manually.

View Song Lyrics in Genius

how to see lyrics on Spotify android

Genius is one such website that provides various lyrics from around the world. You can find the lyrics you want on the genius website easily.

Just head over to and then type in the music title and artist you want to find lyrics for via the search feature. From the search results, click the music that suits you.

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You will see the lyrics of the music title you are looking for. However, Genius is only a website and cannot be linked to the Spotify app.

Those are some way How to See Lyrics on Spotify that you can use. Hopefully useful and good luck!