How to Screen Record iPhone

How to Screen Record iPhone X, 11, iPad, and iPod

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The iPhone doesn’t want to be outdone by other smartphone products that allow users to record the screen. Currently, there are several ways to record the iPhone screen with various methods, starting from using the default feature without an application or using a third-party screen recording application.

However, most iPhone users today choose to use third-party applications because they have more complete features.

Generally, they just want to record the activity that is done on the iPhone screen. But sometimes the results of the video will be uploaded to the public, so it will take a little touch of editing.

How to Screen Record iPhone

iPhone already provides a screen recording feature available on the device. You just need to access it then you can start recording activities on the iPhone screen.

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How to record iPhone screen without application:

  • Enter the settings section then select the control center.
  • Then adjust the controls and activate the screen recording option.
how to screen record iPhone 11
  • Access control center by sliding down the screen.
  • Press and hold the round button to start microphone pairing and matching.
  • Tap the record button then wait three seconds to start recording.
  • To stop recording, tap the top area of ​​the screen which is red,
how to screen record with sound on iPhone
  • Now the iPhone screen recording video is saved in the gallery.

The default iPhone Screen Recording feature is only available on iOS 11 and above. So if you are using an iOS version below, then you may have to use the help of a third-party application to record the screen.

How to Screen Record iPhone With Apps

TechSmith Capture

There are several excellent applications that can be used to record the screen on the iPhone. Like TechSmith which allows you to record the screen including the sound issued. Provides convenience for recording screen including for user voice recording.

The video results are better and not monotonous. The widgets that have to be used are pretty straightforward too. When you click the application there is an option to start recording, then this application will carry out its job to do the recording.

This app applies a fee when you are already using the app after a 14 day trial period. This application can be downloaded on various types of iPhones ranging from 5s and other top series, even on the iPad Mini 2 and iPod.

AirShou Screen Recorder

The AirShou application has long been trusted to be a screen recording application on Apple products. There are many conveniences that you can find including the ease to operate it.

The features that are run in this application can be run for free and are very easy to understand. Suitable for use by gamers who want to play and enter videos to various media without being complicated.

You only need to enter the application, then enter the settings to select the recorder application you want to use. After pressing it you just need to enter the application you want to record. Scroll down from the top of the screen to start recording.

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This application will keep the game running smoothly even though the graphics seem quite complicated to adjust.


The next way to record the iPhone screen is to use ScreenFlow. With ScreenFlow, you can record the screen with sound at once. Simply activate the record button while you are running the application.

The first step is to enter the Screen Flow app first. Then enter the settings menu to select the recording application. To start recording you have to scroll the screen so you can press the start button. This application provides a feature to edit videos when you finish recording them.

Even every video that has been recorded and edited can be immediately shared on several social media. For example YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dropbox, Wistia, and Google Drive. This application has been supported by this device. This application is provided free of charge and can be used on devices such as Apple or iOS.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder has experience in providing screen recording facilities on iOS-based devices. There are several easy ways to start screen recording when using it. This application is provided free of charge to users of Apple products.

Although this application will make it easier to record the iPhone screen, if you want to get better features, then you can use the premium version which is more complete and can remove watermarks. Has completeness such as video editing features that will make it easier for users.

Consists of several ways such as the cutting feature, adding parts of the video to inserting your favorite song that you want to add. To get started, head into the DU Recorder app that’s on your iPhone. After entering, set the desired settings in the control center section. Then adjust the controls and then tap the button located on the screen recording.

For various versions of the iPhone, there may be different ways to scroll the screen. Can be from the top or bottom of the screen. Press record on the screen then waits for three seconds until the application finally works to record.

Record It!

This application can be downloaded for free for various iOS device users. The thing that is lacking is the recording which can only be done in three minutes. To get a longer recording time then you must use or buy the full version.

This application can provide other advantages such as accessing other features to enhance the appearance of the video, adjust the speed, to provide various interesting effects. The method is the same as any other application. You are required to set the controls that will be used then scroll. After that, you have to wait 3 seconds after pressing the start recording button.

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Most people need an application for screen recording for various media needs. How to Screen Record iPhone can easily be done by anyone using the built-in feature without an application or using additional applications.


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