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How to Save Battery iPhone health

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The complaint of some smartphone users today is that the quality of the battery drains quickly. No exception for iPhone device users who often experience this. However, there are How to Save Battery iPhone that you can apply.

Some tips for dealing with the iPhone battery are basically very easy to do. You can even do it directly on your iPhone device.

That way you don’t have to worry anymore about wasteful iPhone batteries anymore. The following below are among them.

How to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone

Battery health

how to save iPhone battery health

Battery health turns out to be able to determine whether the iPhone’s performance is running well or not. When the battery is not healthy, it will usually drain quickly and make performance heavier.

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Here’s how to check iPhone battery health:

  • Enter the Settings menu on your device.
  • Select the Battery menu option then go to Battery Health.
  • Open the menu that says Maximum Capacity.
  • If the capacity is above 80 percent then the battery is still healthy.
  • Meanwhile, if underneath, then you have to do the optimization.
  • Enter the Optimized Battery Charging option so that the battery can work more optimally.
  • Done.

This method is quite effective for caring for the iPhone battery so that it is durable so it is not easily wasteful. You can also follow the next few tips below.

Activate the Dark Mode Feature

The dark mode feature is now presented for several Apple products so you can use it to save battery on the iPhone. Dark mode has been present in several iPhone or Apple products with iOS 13 and has been proven to save battery better.

For example, on some iPhone products with screens that already use OLED. Every iPhone that has been integrated with the dark mode feature usually makes the battery more efficient than usual.

Use the Low Power Mode feature

Not many people know if this low power mode feature can save battery. Low Powe Mode is one of the features of the iPhone that can be used when the battery has reached 20 percent. Its main ability is to reduce some of the activity that is on the iPhone background.

In addition, this feature will automatically reduce the brightness of the light on the screen. When used it is certain that you can save battery better.

How to save iPhone battery on this one is also the easiest method to do. There are some features that do not run when you activate this feature. Like to refresh the background app and fetch email for example.

Avoid Closing Applications

There are several reasons that underlie some Apple users should not close the application. It turns out that when you do it can make battery power drain.

The reason is, when you close the application, there will be certain reactions that occur on the cellphone. For example, RAM will work from scratch again so it will make the battery drain quickly.

Restrict Bluetooth Access

Bluetooth access has long been known to drain the iPhone battery. Many iPhone users out there have complained about this problem.

However, you can add certain settings to limit it so that it doesn’t continue to drain the battery. Any limitation on the Bluetooth feature will make the system work more effectively.

Limiting the Location Feature

For a long time, the iPhone has provided location service facilities and services for its users. Without realizing it, this can actually drain the battery just like the location and GPS features on Android.

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This feature is actually added to the iPhone features that have iOS 13. Users have the right and access to set when this iPhone has to share its location data.

Limiting Background Activity

iPhone battery charging tips

There are many activities that occur when you open the screen on the iPhone, especially when you are busy or doing multitasking. To set activity restrictions in the background, you only need to take a few steps.

You do this by going to the settings menu then selecting general, tap Background App Refresh to set it. You can set which applications you want to run on the iPhone background.

Manage Application Usage

Each cellphone must have its own capacity for the number of applications loaded. However, many of the apps that are often used actually consume more battery power on the cellphone.

That way, you have to check some applications that are consuming a lot of iPhone battery. The trick, enter the settings menu then select the battery to find the right setting.

You will be shown a diagram or graph of the applications that are consuming the most battery power. By regulating application usage, you can provide better battery health so that it can last a long time.

Turn off Automatic Downloads & Updates

The way to save iPhone battery usage is to turn off automatic downloads and updates. The reason is, this download and update activity requires a large enough battery power.

When the battery on the iPhone you are using is low, doing this activity is not recommended. Therefore, you have to disable it in order to avoid wasteful battery usage.

Limiting Notifications

The large number of notifications that enter on the iPhone can actually cause the battery to drain quickly. The first way that can be done is to limit the number of notifications that appear.

This can make the battery more durable, efficient, and healthy. Usually, iPhone devices that are set up like this will have more battery efficiency and better performance.

When the iPhone battery is in a healthy condition, then you can use it more optimally. Tips and how to save iPhone battery that you can use above can be a solution to your problem.

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Especially when you are traveling and need a cellphone that can last a long time. iPhone isn’t always wasteful to use if you can understand how to set it up.