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How to Root Android without Computer – 2022 Guide

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The term about how to root is certainly not foreign to you Android cell phone users. Like jailbreaking an iPhone, there are many advantages to rooting your Android phone.

Some of the advantages of rooting Android, for example, the freedom to delete default and useless applications, install certain applications that can only be used with root access, and so on.

However, there are also some risks that you must know if you want to root your Android phone. One of them is the security side which is more vulnerable to virus attacks.

Other risks are the warranty that can be void, the system is damaged or bootloop, until you no longer get updates or updates via OTA (over the air).

So, are you interested in rooting your Android smartphone? this time we will share how to root Android easily with or without the help of a computer or laptop. Let’s see!

How To Root Any Android device without PC in 2 Minutes

Before you root Android, there are some phones that require you to do the bootloader unlock process first.

For example, Xiaomi. This brand requires users to unlock the bootloader through the Unlock Your Mi Device and Mi Flash Unlock applications on the computer.

Well, in this article, we will share several ways to root Android phones with or without the help of a PC or laptop. Let’s see how to root Android in full!

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Root Android Phone with KingRoot

The first way to root an Android cell phone is to use the KingRoot application. This app is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download the. APK file on the APK Mirror site first.

  • The first step, download and install KingRoot on your phone.
  • Then, run the KingRoot application and tap the available button.
  • Tap the available button, and wait for the notification on the application that appears.
how to root android 9 without pc
  • The notification will tell whether the root method can be run or not on your smartphone.
  • If you can, then your phone will be rooted by this application automatically. Easy, right?

How to Root Android Phone without PC with Framaroot

If the first Android root method fails, you can use the Framaroot application. You can use this application to root Android easily without the help of a PC or laptop.

Still the same as KingRoot, Framaroot is also not available on the Google Play Store for security reasons. You have to download it through the APK Mirror site first.

Here’s a tutorial on rooting Android phones with Framaroot:

  • Download and install the Framaroot application on your phone.
  • Run the application, and select Install Superuser or SuperSU. Both have the same function.
how to root android phone with pc
  • Then, select the rooting method that will be followed. We recommend using the Gandalf method.
  • Wait for the root process to run until you get a notification. Then, you are required to restart the smartphone to complete the root process.
  • Make sure the SuperSU or Superuser application appears in the application window.

Keep in mind, in general, how to root an Android cellphone without a PC with Framaroot can be successful if it is used on a cellphone with a MediaTek processor.

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How to Root Android Phone with SuperSU

The last way we share is with the SuperSU application. However, you also need to download it via a third-party site like APK Mirror.

In addition, you also need to download and install the TWRP application on the Android phone that you want to root. You can download the TWRP file through the official website.

Keep in mind, you are required to download and install TWRP according to your Android phone series. Otherwise, your smartphone will most likely be bricked, bootlooped, and damaged which is difficult to repair.

How to root Android phone with SuperSu:

  • First, enable Developer Options on your phone. Also, don’t forget to enable the Unknown Sources option as well.
  • Now, connect your phone to your PC or laptop. Then, move the TWRP file to the smartphone storage memory.
  • Next, reboot your phone into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • To enter this mode, it is different for each phone, one way is to press the power button and volume down simultaneously.
  • Then use volume keys to boot Recovery Mode.
  • Once successful, you will be presented with a TWRP-style display. Click the Install button.
how to root android phone manually
  • Locate the previously downloaded SuperSU .zip file.
root android without pc apk
  • Click the file and scroll the screen to confirm the flash process.
  • It will take a few minutes for this process. when done, click on Wipe cache/Dalvik and swipe to confirm the action.
  • When the process is complete, click Reboot System to boot back into Android.
  • If TWRP asks you if you want to install SuperSU, select Do Not Install. Because TWRP sometimes can’t detect whether we already have SuperSU.

Granting Root Access with SuperSU App

When the smartphone reboots, you should get the SuperSU app installed on your phone. With this app, you can grant root access to other apps. Whenever an application requests root access, SuperSU will display the view of the access request.

To make sure the root process is working properly, you can download the Root Checker app which will verify the root status of your phone. Or, download an application that does require root access, if the process is correct, a display request for root access from SuperSU should appear.

For example, we opened and tried to add the Greenify application which does require root access. SuperSU immediately shows a popup screen asking for root access. If you click Grant, you will get a success message from this application which means that the root process you did was successful.

To set up root access, run the SuperSU app and you will see a list of apps granted access or not. If you want to change the status, all you have to do is click on the application and run the process we previously described.

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That’s how to root an Android cell phone easily without a PC or using a computer or laptop as a tool. Good luck trying it, and do it at your own risk!


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