How To Resize Images On Your Phone

How To Resize Images On Your Phone Without an Application

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How To Resize Images On Your Phone – Currently applying for a job or taking a test or exam has been done online, it’s more efficient we can fill in data and send files without the need to come to the place anymore. But sometimes they require to upload files or photos in a certain size such as 200kb, 100kb, 300kb, and so on.

Why do they require a measure? the answer is to upload photos faster, downloads are also faster and don’t take up too much of the hosting storage space used. So the system is made to limit the size of the uploaded photos. So like it or not you have to change the size according to the requirements.

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Well in this tutorial we provide a guide on how to reduce the size of the photo to be smaller with just the Android phone that you are using. So you no longer need to edit to a computer or laptop using large applications. Mobile phones now have many features to edit images even to reduce their size.

How to Reduce Photo File Size on Android Phone

How do I reduce the KB size of a photo in Android?

In this tutorial we use a Samsung cell phone, for other brands it is more or less the same, please explore it by opening the image first and paying attention to the menu.

For those who use Samsung phones, you can directly follow the following guidelines:

  • First, please open the photo or image that will be edited
  • then click the edit menu below
  • Then click the three-dot menu above
  • Select the Resize menu and select the desired percentage reduction
  • Then you just have to look at the size of the photo again

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That’s a tutorial on How To Resize Images On Your Phone Without an Application, hopefully, it’s useful.

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