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How to Remove Background from Photo for Free

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Nowadays, many things can be done just by using a smartphone, especially one that runs on the Android OS. From a matter of typing work, drawing, taking pictures, editing photos, and other activities, it can already be used on a device that can be operated using one hand.

Talking about editing photos, usually, when we want to beautify photos by providing various kinds of filters or other things very well, we usually use applications such as PicsArt or other photo editing applications. But what if it turns out that our face in the photo is already good because it uses filters, but there is one thing that is blocking it, namely the background image in the photo that we edit is not what we want?

The only way, of course, is to remove the background image, right? Of course, this method is difficult when using Android because usually, we have to use applications on a PC such as Adobe Photoshop. But this time Weblogue will provide a way to Remove Background from Photo for Free.

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How To Remove a Background for Free

Yes, this time we will show you How to Remove Background from Photo for Free. Want to know how? Let’s follow each step below!

  • The first thing to do is to install an Android background eraser application called Background Eraser which is already available on the Google Play Store.
remove background from image photoshop
  • If so, run the application then press the Load a photo option.
  • Next, select the photo for which you want to remove the background image.
remove background online
  • Then, crop your photo to your heart’s content. This crop feature makes it easier for you to remove the background image later. So the smaller the background image, of course, it will be easier to remove it. If so, press the Done button at the top right of the screen.
remove background from image free
  • There are three options for removing the background image in this application, namely Extract, Auto, and Manual. Our advice, you use the Auto feature plus use the Zoom feature when cropping the photo background. This feature will later remove the background image with the same color according to the level you specify.
remove background from image online
  • If it turns out that the feature made a mistake, just hit the Undo button just above the Zoom button. Then delete it manually using the Manual feature combined with the Zoom feature.
  • When the background image is deemed to have been completely erased, press the Done button.
  • The next step is to gently remove the background image that is still left by setting the Smooth level. If so, press the Save button at the top right of the screen.
background remover online
  • There are three options to choose from, namely Finish, White Background, Save as JPEG and Change Background, Superimpose. Now for the second option, it means you can give a white background and save it in JPEG format. While the third option requires you to download another application to replace the background image with a different display. We select the Finish button.

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We’re done with our background eraser tutorial! You have now successfully removed the background image easily using Android.