How to Recover Gmail Password

How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Recovery Email

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Forgetting your own Gmail password is very annoying, but you don’t need to worry if you experience this problem. Because Google has provided a feature to reset passwords through three different methods.

Gmail is very popular as an email sending and receiving service, Google is constantly working to make its users comfortable. That is the reason why Google provides a password reset feature as a solution for Gmail users who forget their password.

You can use How to Recover Gmail Password. So, you don’t need to worry if your Gmail account is lost, forgot your password, or is taken by someone who is not responsible.

How To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password

Gmail password forgot

The method described below requires a browser only. You can use a browser like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, opera, or others.

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So, you can use any device be it an Android cellphone, an iPhone, or a laptop. The most important thing is to make sure you are connected to the internet network.

How to Recover Gmail Password With Mobile Number

The first method is the simplest. You only need to prepare the cellphone number that you have registered with your Gmail account. This cellphone number can be used to reset the Gmail password in just a few steps.

How to reset Gmail password with cellphone number:

  • Visit the google account recovery page.
  • Type your email and then click the Next button.
  • You will be directed to the last password page.
  • Click the Try another method option.
  • Enter your cellphone number then click the Send message button.
  • Check incoming messages on your cellphone number.
  • Enter the appropriate verification code in the message.
  • Then click the Next button.
  • Finally, enter the new password you want.

Congratulations you have changed the password using the cellphone number. By using this method, you can easily deal with a forgotten Gmail account password.

Using Recovery Email

Have you forgotten your Gmail password? But the registered cellphone number is no longer active? Take it easy, Gmail also provides an option to recover a forgotten Gmail account password using a recovery email address.

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How to solve forgotten Gmail password whose cellphone number is no longer active:

  • Go to the Google account recovery page via browser.
  • Type your Gmail email then click Next.
  • Click the Try another method option until the Recovery email option appears.
  • Then enter your recovery email.
  • Click the Send button to go to the next stage.
  • Please check the Google Verification Code mail that is entered in your recovery email.
  • Return to the google account recovery page, then enter the 6 verification code then click Next.
  • Now fill in the new password you want.

Now your Gmail account has changed the password to the password you just entered. To use this method, make sure you can still log in to your recovery email.

How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Recovery Email

The third method is if you cannot access the recovery email and your cellphone number is also no longer active. This option only applies if you have a security question added to your Gmail account.

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password:

  • Go to the Google account recovery page through an HP or PC browser.
  • Type your Gmail email.
  • Then click the Next button.
  • Enter the last password used.
  • Click the Try another method option until it displays Security Questions.
  • Type the answer to your security question.
  • Next, determine when your Gmail account was created.
  • If your answer is correct, then you will be prompted to fill in the new password that you will use.

After that, the Gmail password will be changed to a new password. Now you have successfully restored the forgotten Gmail account password.

Alternative Way

If the three methods above still can’t restore your Gmail account that forgot your password. Maybe you can try this alternative way to solve it.

However, this alternative method has a condition, namely that you must have an Android device that is connected to the Gmail account. These conditions must be met in order to restore your Gmail account.

Gmail accounts that are still connected on an Android device will usually provide options like the image below when you are on the Google account recovery page.

Just follow the given guide, then enter the code into the field provided on the recovery page. If successful, then you will be given fields to fill in a new password for your Gmail account.

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Well, that’s How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Recovery Email, and via a connected Android device.

How to Recover Gmail Without Phone number and Email 2022

  • Go to the Gmail login screen on your device and type in the name of the account that needs to be restored.
  • When prompted for a password, press the phrase “Forgot password?” with blue underneath.
  • If you can, type the last password you used with Gmail.

If the password you entered is actually your current password, you will be redirected to Gmail, and you won’t have to worry about the next steps.

If the password you entered is an old password or one that has never been used, Gmail will automatically take you to the fourth step.

  • Depending on whether you have a phone connected to your Google account, Google may automatically send a notification to your phone. Press “Yes” if you receive this notification which will allow Google to reset your account password.

If you don’t have a mobile number connected to Google, then you just need to enter the recovery Gmail address that was used during registration first. This is the easiest way you can do it.

If you don’t receive this notification or want to do it another way, click “Try another way” at the bottom of the screen.

  • If you have another email associated with this email as a recovery email, Google will give you the option to have a recovery code sent to that email. If you agree with that method, click “Submit”, then go to step six.
  • Confirm your recovery email and press “Send” to have the code sent there.

If for some reason you don’t have access to your recovery email account, you’ll need to click “Try Another Way”, after which Gmail will ask for an email address to which you have access. They will take time to assess your issues individually and determine if they can help you recover your account.


  1. I can’t get into my email because I don’t have the phone number that I was using for it no more n it shows no other option but the recovery number what do I do

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    Recovery Gmail is(
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    1. My gmail account has been Inactive. I don’t havecell phone number is off and have no recovery gmail account. HOWEVER, I RECEIVED A EMAIL
      THAT MY HEADERBOO6508@GMAIL.COM (LOCKED OUT EMAIL ACT) THAT I PASSED AWAY AND GAVE STEPS TO FOLLOW BUT IT WANT WORK can I get back my deleted gmail account. Please help as soon as possible

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  5. I was using a Gmail id ‘’ when I was working in Dubai, UAE till 2019 and couldn’t use the same till yet.

    I gave a recovery mobile number [UAE] and a recovery email address too. But when I start to log in, a message appears saying to provide the recovery mobile number. Since it is an UAE number and I don’t have that with me, I am unable to get logged into the Gmail account. Unfortunately, it is not asking my recovery email address but sending instructions to the given recovery email address.

    Can you please let me know how to move forward.

  6. I’m having issue to recover my google account. Recently i reset my phone then when i add my Google account back i realized i forgot my password it ask me to put old password i put my old password then it show another tab to open ur phone go to google and enter security code. But i just reset my phone how am i supposed to enter code of security because my account is not login in my phone that’s why i am resetting my password…

    2nd why it not show me option to recover my password using my phone number bcz i added my phone number to recover my account in emergency but now google isnt showing me option of recovering my account from my phone number using verification.

    Plz help me im student all of my accounts are connected with my gmail my all assignments and papers come to my gmail please help me to get back my account

  7. I forget of passw n Email address

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