How to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos on Android

How to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos on Android Without Root

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How to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos on Android is very easy to do. You can do this when you accidentally delete a photo or video with the best moments on your smartphone.

Please note, photos and videos were taken using smartphone cameras usually have their own stories in the lives of users.

However, what happens if the photos or videos that are stored neatly in the smartphone gallery are accidentally deleted for various reasons? Then how to restore deleted photos or videos.

We will now provide procedures for restoring photos or videos that you accidentally lost. You can do it easily, as long as you don’t panic first. Let’s see How To Recover Deleted Videos on Android Phone!

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Phone

On average, currently, Android smartphones have a feature called Trash in the gallery or default file manager. This feature allows users to restore lost photos or videos as long as they are not permanently deleted.

Unfortunately, if it turns out that the moments recorded in the gallery have been permanently deleted. Is there a way to return the recorded moments to our smartphone gallery?

Luckily, we have a powerful trick to recover those deleted photos and videos. This method also does not require root access to your phone. So, let’s see the following review!

Restore Photos and Videos with Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the default applications that are usually installed on the latest Android phones.

In addition to making it easy to store thousands of photos and videos via the cloud, Google Photos can also be used as an alternative to restore photos that have disappeared from the gallery. Here’s a complete way:

  • Tap the Library button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Then, press the Trash button. You will be shown various photos and videos that have been deleted.
how to recover permanently deleted photos from gallery
  • Select some photos or videos that you want to restore to the gallery, then tap Restore at the bottom.
how to recover permanently deleted photos from android gallery
  • Automatically, you can enjoy all the moments earlier. But unfortunately, this feature does not apply to those of you who want to restore permanently deleted photos in Google Photos.

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How to Recover Lost Photos Using the Dumpster App

If the way to restore deleted photos and videos above doesn’t work, you can try other applications. Our recommended photo restore application is Dumpster which you can download for free on the Google Play Store.

This application does not require root access, so it is very easy to do. Here’s how to recover deleted photos and videos through the Dumpster app:

  • Open the Dumpster app, and allow the app to gain access to your phone.
video recovery
  • Then, hit the Deep Scan button at the bottom.
how do i recover permanently deleted videos
  • The application then displays all the photos and videos that have been deleted.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to restore, and press Restore.
  • Automatically, photos and videos that have been lost are returned to your gallery safely.

Recover Photos and Videos with Recuva File Recovery

The next way, you can use a PC or laptop as a tool to restore deleted photos or videos. The method is simple, just use the Recuva application. Here’s how to view deleted videos on your phone with Recuva:

  • Install an application called Recuva File Recovery, which can be downloaded here If you already have it, please run the application.
  • Connect Android smartphone to PC or laptop via USB port.
how to recover deleted videos from phone memory
  • Select the file format you want to restore.
  • We recommend selecting All Files because apart from being able to search for deleted photos or videos, you can also search for other files that were deleted from your Android smartphone. If so, press the Next button.
how to retrieve deleted photos on samsung
  • Then select the In a specific location option. Then select your smartphone’s storage media so that Recuva only searches in certain locations. If so, press OK.
how to recover permanently deleted videos from android
  • Recuva immediately searches for the deleted data. The length of the search process depends on the amount of data stored on the smartphone’s storage media. When the process is complete, all you have to do is select the photos or videos you want to restore.

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Finished! Hopefully, photos and videos that were accidentally deleted can be recovered using the above methods! Good luck with how to restore deleted videos on your phone from us!


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